yi can be quietly written: and then do not get into the hearts of qin hao user: love humble people feel bad!

iraq can quiet hair:and then do not get into the hearts of qin hao heart, friends:love humble people feel bad!

annie and harlem yu met after the divorce of his own ten-year-old husband qin hao, but this feeling is not everyone optimistic.yi nengjing often published in the text of white qin hao, users also questioned qin hao when her husband.in contrast, qin hao yi yi static feedback is slightly cold.

from the iraqi can microblogging, you can see her love is humble , simply do not like ein to say that husband and wife love.users regret this, i feel that annie can live in their own fairy tale!

previously, annie microblogging, no matter how hard to go qin hao's heart, people look sad and distressed however, in the face of the feelings of the two friends questioned, the iraqi can be a direct explosion of the explosion.

foul language, blunt friends can not see people happy, and stressed that qin hao very love their own and family, every day hard filming money to support their families.

perhaps this life is what i can really want, do not worry too much, so thankless thank you.

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