deer han guan xiao tong: i love you is to tell you a bright and upright love

wake up, go and save your side crying in the toilet girl! the

at 12 o'clock today, deer han made a microblogging.

microblogging completely exploded the pot.

two minutes later, guan xiaotong [email protected] han neat response.

in order to see this push, tell everyone to change her husband i live by a strong will.

sadness when looking for excuses is always inevitable, but people do not! yes! fry! for!


also wear the same section of the lucky cat bracelet:

also sent photos in the same place:

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now that we have done so, we will send them a blessing on the generous point.

i remember deer in an interview mentioned:a girlfriend will open their own, do not hide.

at that time i sneer, and my heart always feel that the broker to teach his rhetoric, after all, is a husband-class idol, stained with peach will be troublesome.

say you may not believe, so far, deer han microblogging has been out of powder 200,000.

he really is doing it.

in fact, this kind of thing, that is the case.

no matter what step in the future, at least at the moment still care about your man, at least for you to do two things:

first:give you a commitment;

second:all things can be low-key, only love you this matter, to the world open;

a few days ago, small stove see the article said, do not force you boyfriend show loving, full of heart is actually very disdain.

there is a saying:do not show loving people, probably no love.

love a person, just like cough, how can we hide it?

in the heart, in the eyes, in our words and deeds, every move.

maybe you are crying, deer is no longer my husband.

but really grabbing sadness in the heart that root is:no one so love you in real life, the number of boys, love is like hide and seek, sneaky, took to the streets but also dodging friends and family, the official girlfriend was talked about the underground situation.

you comfort yourself, does affect the bad, after all, we have not yet married to the age.

got it, guan xiaotong 97 years, you? and deer han, a star with 40 million fans, are published romance, and you only three hundred friends circle of friends, you can not send a show of love photos?

i am very ordinary, very common, but for love is very high-handed.

if i had the object, send friends to send microblogging what, i would take him home to see their parents.

i love you, just to share my world with you.

i love you, that is, you want to have a bright and upright love.


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