the irony of the british flow of water inventory years in her new song made in the controversy

in the"new chinese song"(formerly known as"china good voice") made 6 years"nail households"mentor na ying, suddenly decided to leave.

october 11,"china's new song"bird's nest after the second quarter finals on the fourth day, a statement by na ying studio, announced that no longer participate in"china's new song"follow-up program recording.

"the end of each episode, there will be rumors outflow, saying that the british will leave the new song.this time through the studio and we say:this is true......"that in the statement to write road.6 years, na ying led the small two classes accumulated a total of 79 students harvested.

, of which three won the championship.however, under the halo, that british and slander plus body.her upright remarks and personality, for their own provoke a lot of trouble.

overwhelmed her farewell could not escape the ridicule of people with ulterior motives:to get out of being scolded"good voice"na ying finally gone.

it is hard to say that the story of her and the"new chinese song"is over, and it is certain that the topic and controversy she has made in this program is bound to be with her.

from the program's point of view, this is another"legacy"left by the"champion mentor".

na ying recently published a straightforward statement is suspected"怼"eason chan.recently, eason chan in hong kong a variety show in the program a lot of bursts of""china's new song"program group"shady", such as the first time the contestants did not arrange by the program group and sing a second time, the director asked him and the british together for the player zhang wanqing"burst light"and so on.

p> this video is spread to the internet, causing a lot of people reporter na ying attended an event, the media asked the matter, her response is:as the program group signed artist, this behavior undermined the rules, violation of professional ethics.

think of that before the"poison tongue", which may not be 2010, as the music list of ten years when the chairman of the ceremony, that the british"he(knife lang) do not have aesthetical point of view,"was dao lang fans to kill now.she has also open tucao wang feng small eyes, control desire, a la carte should be controlled, but also sarcured that"makeup artist please put his pants stuffed with cotton, the luo circle change."

rhetoric, frank, do not consider each other's feelings, which makes her very easy to offend people, especially love"playing injustice"users.

new song in the second quarter group championships, naying commented to help guests miriam yeung and students chorus, said:"i know miriam yeung for many years, feel the miriam yeung on the stage pressure, like the students the same time, the tension, the netizens from the miriam yeung locked eyebrows, feeling her"unhappy", so shelling that british wording misplaced, not qualified to commemorate the deep voice of miriam yeung, too"loaded"the.

users are always easy to find from her"slot"and"black spots".not necessarily every time with her consequences of the words, a lot of time, may come from friends on some of the subjective judgments.

good voice in the second quarter, the strength of outstanding yao baina out, xuan xuan"upset"to win, the former fans questioned that the intention of yao ying na arranged more difficult, she is not good at the tracks,"black out".this voice in yao bena died, once again push the british to the cusp.yao bina's memorial service, that the british two or three sentences have not finished, has been broke down in tears, this was yao baina's fans ridiculed for her in the"biao acting."

good voice the first quarter of the popular players zhang wei, some users suspected because of their personality unrestrained, maverick, not obedient, and was that british"do not like."the first season champion liang bo was also told that the british relationship was not so harmonious-and later it was confirmed to be true.good voice during the third quarter of blind selection, there are media reports liang bo went to the scene to visit the school, that british insisted him, that liang bo did not even say hello, signed another record company,"my heart more or less little surprise."to this end, liang bo in her room door squatting for two days and two nights, only to knock her door.

this is a by-product of the tutor's five-year"good voice".she continued to fall for the popularity of this program, contributed a steady stream of topics, but also for their own incurred a variety of"sunspots."she has commented that she said:"in my life, the most rare advantage is real, the biggest drawback is too real."

new song broadcast the beginning of the second quarter, when the media interview, she again mentions the matter:"i am here to ask these people trouble? in fact, i want to ask, how can i not call me? i think this is my current job, then you let me go?

now look, leave maybe she's the final answer to"do you let me go".

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