deng lun wrong words busy cover his eyes chen xiaocun let jasper change his mind!

dad and the baby's third trip, came to guizhou xingyi city of the rain razu ancient village, which is located in a tiankang among the swaying, pleasant scenery.

fortunately, chen xiaochun did not hear, otherwise it is estimated that there will be ten thousand points hit it!

chen xiaochun asked his son, you just told the village head what? xiaochun afraid of his father angry, that nothing!

today is the baby through the painting to choose the house, then what will laugh it?

bed, there is a short bed, so sister, my mother and brother can sleep here, but liu genghong also depressed, and this bed in the end where it is obviously tile ah!

the king of the election is a small door of the house.

garlands of the house, but deng lun has become a"wreath", finished not react, until dujiang said,"this is called wreath", deng lun hugged his mouth.

the house in front of the garland is like this, although it is still very simple but much stronger than the last four sides of the ventilation.

although small, but fully equipped, small spring is still very satisfied.but after watching the hum of the mansion, little spring is not a little calm.

du jiang house with modern facilities, as well as a separate bath room , the bathroom, everything, see xiaochun is very envious, said the house is so cool.

so take advantage of the father into the room to see the room gap, small spring on alone to find the dujiang, talk up:"you and uh sleep that our thatched cottages, my father and i sleep so good you here"? dujiang said you are very smart, small abacus playing well.can change.

but such a big thing, or to ask the father, just chen xiaochun from

inside the house came out, staring at xiaochun:"you say, do you think you want to change"

the results of a look, small spring to change the exchange of ideas.sure enough, is strict father, and consequently do not have to say, you can let xiaochun feel that something wrong.this dad is so powerful!

the last small spring decided not to change, dujiang asked him:do not just change it?"little xiaochun looked at his father, firmly said:i do not have to change, i can often come here to play! chen xiaochun secretly observed in the side, and finally showing a satisfactory smile.