liu yifei to zhang liangying when the bridesmaid tang yan to yang mi when the bridesmaids only she can let han xue as bridesmaids

the star is married, the most dazzling, is the maid of honor.sometimes the bridesmaid group will even grab the bride's limelight.of course, the stars get married with our ordinary people, is not the same.however, there is one thing, that is, bridesmaids are their own girlfriends.

on jane zhang wedding, there was a"fairy,"she is liu yifei.liu yifei, who has rarely attended the wedding, appeared in the wedding of zhang liangying, but also the bridesmaids, so many people are surprised.however, i would like to ask one, the bride is not afraid of being"linger"grab the limelight?

jane zhang liu yifei do bridesmaids, all of a sudden became a hot search the entire network words, we can see"linger"popularity is how that time liu yifei led the bridesmaid group like a group of fairies out of the fairyland generally out of the forest, it is too beautiful.indeed, zhang liangying popular really good.

do you remember the wedding of yang mi and liu kaiwei? yang mi is different, the bridesmaids only tang yan a person, did not jane zhang's"million flowers"maiden group the wedding, yang mi, facing his best girlfriend tang yan cried and said:"my best friend to do my bridesmaids, i hope that happiness around her."

the girlfriend of the two people really very touching, the wedding tang yan blue bridesmaid is also very much to yang mi's blessing is true, and now tang yan has found his other half, and that person is luo jin, i hope she can go on happiness.

in the entertainment session, there is no scandal, low-key work women have a lot of comfortable, han is said that han xue to others when the bridesmaid is only one, that is her friends chapter of that time the age of marriage to chen long, both han xue's friends for many years, it is estimated to be able to"jade head"han xue as a bridesmaid, and only her.

no change is no harm, as the"capital of the four beautiful"one of the han xue, yan value is too high.her appearance, the whole maid of her in front of her have become eclipsed, and even pressure the bride's thunder.think about it, then the other maid of my heart is what the taste of the.

do you think these bridesmaids are the most beautiful? also, when you get married, will you ask for a higher degree than your girlfriend?

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