small shenyang was the real reason to be blocked zhao benshan revealed true

i believe sketches, many people will think of a place called"small piece"of zhao, his 10 years in a row invited cctv spring festival gala, zhao's essay always bring cheerful voice.and zhao benshan himself was successful, he also received many students.the most familiar is the small shenyang and song xiao bao.little shenyang has almost never seen anything in the entertainment industry.what is the reason for this phenomenon? let us know it today.

we all know that small shenyang, zhao benshan's apprentice, that is, 2009 cctv spring festival gala, we met is such a sketch, so that small sun burst red night, and then a variety of movies, variety shows, commercial performances, activities can see his figure, but not long before he suddenly disappeared, users may be zhao benshan blocked.but soon after, small shenyang suddenly appeared in the"happy"comedy, song xiaobao, i think i can see his wonderful performance, but song xiaobao snatched the thunder, zhao benshan also responded for the first time that he did not block small shenyang.

and also said why the small shenyang will suddenly disappear, and why the red it is not the principle, as long as there is strength and ability to ensure that you break better, bring better works to the audience , but small shenyang but no better works to show to everyone.

the second quarter of the"cheerful comedy"small shenyang is halfway out of the competition, so that netizens say little shenyang is not in the landscape, there is no work to support him, must not have a strong dark light.

there are friends on the small shenyang, said:"certainly zhao benshan's ban, on so do it.", then talented people, no good script, it is impossible to color."

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