sun yi postpartum vegetarian discharge dong zijian when people flesh crutch user: this is the actress child ah

september 22, sun yi microblogging good news was the daughter, daddy during the postpartum dong zijian every day to the hospital to concentrate accompanied walks also became human flesh crutches recently, friends broke the sun yi husband dong zijian and her mother in wang jinghua accompanied by the discharge, small husband hand in hand, fingers tightly, lan waist shoulder, very happy sweet.

but there are friends jokingly said:see this figure also thought that the child is dong zi"..."

mother-in-law wang jinghua often go to the hospital to take care of.

sub-often enter the hospital frequently, suddenly found 90 after the small husband is so handsome ah~

when you go out of the hospital, dong zijian will hand the baby basket to the people around, and then on the side of the child, car, wearing a mask can feel when he was very happy father

users have said:"this is the actress child confinement the right way! chinese women's physique simply can not and foreigners than you must be not understand why many girls have a child just like to buy a dish like."

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users also have said:"see dong zijian very pet her, this is really happy husband and wife!"

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