wang baoqiang finally counterattack only to ma rong two way to take the horse will choose to give up the child?

last year, when ma rong derailed after wang baoqiang agent incident came to light, both on the court, arguing for their children are doing custody and property issues, but all the property baoqiang now are still horse rong where it is estimated that have been spent.but wang baoqiang accounted for a great advantage, it is likely to win, and now only the court's decision!

malone in the case of very few wins, the situation against their own disadvantage , even shoot the child's video sent to wang baoqiang, wang baoqiang hope to open a side, look at the child's face, do not continue to sue down.

ma rong of this move, was found by friends, really is be scolded.but ma rong mother is not an idler, in the microblogging chaos users, but also made microblogging let go, there is a netizen directly with her on the internet to dry rong mother really is not good to educate their own daughter, every day online educate friends why, they are not doing, but also educate others.

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