friends do not do this music jia yaoting actually have money to do these things members are expected to return it?

in the middle of september, a man named"gu yingqiong"issued a message called jia yue ting in the united states to establish a non-revocable trust fund, put jia yue ting on the the middle of september, sharp mouth.although music and jia yue ting are realistic to refute rumors, but still can not prevent the public out of nothing, imagination.

the first day of the national day of 2017, that is, october 1 , the music as holding statement issued that the united states los angeles high court, according to the company shareholders jia yue ting pleaded, to xu yingqiong announced a temporary ban.and, jia yue ting will be in china and the united states on the gu yingqiong mention the case.

so what is this temporary ban? temporary injunction refers to the court before the beginning of the proceedings, the court should be declared by the right person to force the tortfeasor to suspend the infringement, its intention is to prevent the forthcoming infringement.

according to the media at the end, in the temporary ban on gu yingqiong, the content includes:gu yingqiong was stopped disturbing, intimidation, attack, stalking, threatening, assault, abuse, damage jia yue ting personal property, rest day, call, expose or private letter, work email, e-mail, short message, fax, other electronic means; stop by the means of direct or direct touch of this person, through any means, including but not limited to, face to face, published jia yue ting's home address and other private information.

brief, it is the period of time prior to the court proceedings, gu yingqiong can not write in the article that how to say how ya yue ting, and even jia yue ting's name can not be said.if gu yingqiong violated the ban, he would be arrested and sentenced to a maximum of one year's detention and a fine of up to$1,000.

according to gu yingqiong personal online materials, he is now in the united states.if it is against the ban, is really going to be, the power of this paper ban is still quite big.however, users of this tear on the work of nature is to watch the excitement of the work is not big thing big.a lot of jia yue ting has always put the pigeons do not return to the domestic work to heart, there are friends that:jia yue ting you have money to declare a lawsuit? first my music as a member fee back to say!