tv shot the director want to hit people


goof, is each producers don't want to happen.But sometimes, goof is much less unprepared.Time to take you to look at those shocking shot.

what time and go to the back of his car?Don't you let the queen mother sit directly on the wheels?!

brush, only I'm color blind?

this belt, isn't it a bit too rob mirror.

TV shot, director want to hit persons

this show everyone remember, li xiaolu's guardian beauty, is big local tyrants levels of the rich second generation collection party, the liquor with the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky is not good, how is the dream of the blue manual class!!!!

ChuQiaoChuan has been initially goof


TV shot, director want to hit persons

, just playing the snake essence of face woman, covered with green surrounded account, once the lens turn is different, the lens is more ambiguity can not see a little beauty, because the back what all thought is a man, according to go up after white head is like.

TV shot, director want to hit persons

well, this one, immediately people look at a little high?

TV shot, director want to hit persons

this is the most funny one scene, it is the people of the two ancient costume, the camera behind disorderly into a

a grandma

, also portable black plastic bags, wearing sleeveless tops, it seems to be very open to people before, granny had his arm.

TV shot, director want to hit persons

the play in the rain, always look very uncomfortable, face and hands with water only, is it the rain talented only pour hand face not drench clothes?

TV shot, director want to hit persons

the gloves to use PS do it?

there is a question that why andreas's hair is yellow?Malnutrition or cast and forget to blacken?

have to admire the audience's eyes, is really sharp, you see the emperor's little hand, lovely

you say short field at sixes and sevens advertising calculate, but the only product pavilion is what?Advertising is not too much.

TV shot, director want to hit persons

although dou acting is good, but others can die an arrow, and YanXun dozens of arrows in the prince won't die, right atrium in two arrows still strong.

in the filming process inevitably encounter some physical contact, therefore also has been linked on chest, the scene was guards were to catch

li-ying zhao

, the results accidentally touched by mistake.

TV shot, director want to hit persons

group play seemed to realize his own mistake, hurriedly let go of the hand.Because it was already made, will not stop, after two seconds, li-ying zhao second role, scene is completed, such professional YingBao are millions of Internet users praise.

TV shot, director want to hit persons

trivia, li-ying zhao eat popsicles and dou to play,


look like to hit people

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