we have to star 10-year most aura is not rosamund kwan she's come out like the picture

"we have to" formerly known as the idol to the every period please one or even several big guests, such as phase I invited a brigitte Lin, Athena chu, Yang yu ying, caishaofen, goddess of peace, and so on have s feeling and recently very fire star, squad particularly strong.

the second period of last year we come with carina lau, gigi blockbuster to pressure a son, is also have s feeling of goddess.

this is the third phase of" here we come "the blockbuster guest is a 13-year old rosamund kwan, please.Rosamund kwan said will not return to take sport: "actress will stop at a certain age, it is responsible for the love you of person."After years of baptism, rosamund kwan still graceful body, keep well, but she still have the queen during the van.

Jiang Xinwei fat goddess, so a see think her face is so small, hollow out flowers veil and the body, the graceful, there is a lady fan.

sorry shows natural, atmosphere with aura.

Tang Yixin international fan, walks arm thrown forcefully.

queen Victoria song jing is colourful have fan.

Shen Mengchen hands ok skirt didn't open the aura, other condition is quite good.

the following four 10-year guest is after 90, they were the elite from all walks of life.Net transfer programs actually increase 10-year also is not entirely 10-year, each position is not small, identity is amazing.Xu Ji as ever on the super speaker, she is a babe with honours student, undergraduate course at tsinghua, ma graduated from harvard's Kennedy school of government, award to be all the way, all kinds of honors and awards.Study on the way, has been always be "other people's children".

small white, formerly YanSi poetry, fashionistas, also calculate half of entertainment, for Victoria song, song jia, wu queer modelling, expression model van.

better known as entrepreneurialism, fudan outstanding student, piano 8, women's basketball team striker, world champions league cat w dota project champion, is an education consulting service company founder, is a generalist CEO.

uzbekistan love China, like pictures come out to the fairy, deep eye socket.

the guest, which one do you prefer?

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