ultimate challenge program in the history of the only one that can help men play the female guest!

unlike "running man", "the ultimate challenge" little guest on the show, please.Three seasons since, the feast on purpose even fewer female guest, a total of only 10!There are four or latest program one-off contribution!In the female guest, can help with limit man play is rare!

below small make up to say this, is the ultimate challenge programs will play in the history of female guest, than "variety queen" uproot shayna variety are also good!

to be fair, uproot shayna sense of variety is top artists in China.This is why she is able to build great variety shows so many years.But she attend the ultimate challenge in the second quarter performance is not good!

in routines with extreme men, uproot shayna was playing around, all contributed only a joke!

sun hong2 lei2 asked: "where are you now?"Uproot shayna back: "I am now in a trash can next to."

the sun hong2 lei2 ask again: "you're next to a trash can, why aren't you in a trash can?"Uproot shayna subconsciously turned to look at bin, back: "trash can is full of ah."

this is a turn and this "trash can is full of ah", countless audience laugh.

contributed the punchline uproot shayna, ultimately did not help with limit man play, but to do this is no wang Dan!

to see the latest issue of "the ultimate challenge", believe that many people have been Dan sit up and take notice to the king, there are a lot of people to her road to turn pink.

choose room match at the beginning, the king no Dan will see the door of the man to help introduce were erased, then she instantly into the rhythm, determined to introduce all the scraping.

choose not, just let everyone choose a blind!The move to limit man for exactly the same!

director routines guest, asked men and women both parties to write down the most don't want to cooperate with each other members of the opposite sex.Limit man help mouth said promises not to upset people, but no idle hands.Female guests are talking about the write not write, only no clear way Dan wang: "I tell you, the brothers will surely write."

with the king of the "old fox" Huang Lei assigned to a group of no Dan, from the outset routines Huang Lei, let his hands be able to choose to team up with other people's article yellow "submit", to ensure that they do not have abandoned may be, in an impregnable position, and finally after several rounds, got the article Huang Lei all yellow.

be able to choose a partner, the king's been Dan Huang Lei, he said he didn't choose him, Huang Lei frightened by the results.Because she has got the article Huang Lei all yellow, means that she give up after Huang Lei Huang Lei cannot to team up with other people.Can cheat to Huang Lei, really not easy!

Huang Lei exploit, temporary heart of a meter, cheat Huang Bo and chiling Lin, hypocrisy with king been sheared Dan, then let her to join other people cheat box.No other king Dan immediately, keep up with the idea of Huang Lei, followed by acting together.The reaction rate is the embodiment of the variety are the best!

since the program started, to be able to help with limit man only king been Dan play routines of female guest, so she was absolutely programs will play in the history of female guest!

a lot of people said that white what down after, looks like the king no Dan just got up.Little imagine, no Dan wang, leading role white best what is just a scene in a supporting role!

"crossover star" let people see the king no Dan's singing and art feeling, the ultimate challenge and let people see the king no Dan's high intelligence and variety.Who so not bottom go to, she just came up, it "is gold will shine"!

what do you think of no other king Dan performance in "the ultimate challenge"?

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