2 the war Wolf "copied" x-men ", have been banned or compensate must, wujing this bottom militancy

" 2 "the war Wolf not fare well, very not easy to send the trailer, but because the staff error, send into the special effects shots.The director wu also hair bo apology at the first time.

just after the conference, but today received notification from the court that are considered" 2 "the war Wolf without authorization, do STH without authorization to adaptation, make the war Wolf", wuhan people legend, film and television art co., LTD., appealed to the court, to stop the movie "war Wolf 2" in the national cinema projecting, prohibited to use in the movie name "the Wolf" two characters;Compensation for economic loss of 10 million yuan, and so on.

yesterday was found the trailer with a few seconds of lens and the x-men: first class fragments are exactly the same, just changed the color.This is awkward, don't know wu what explains this case?

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