Lin2 xin such as and Wallace huo "sweet agreement" : daughter lashes like a husband

reporter PeiLu/Taipei

lin2 xin such as blunt and find the true love of a good friendship, for the woman is my biggest the 15th anniversary of the beautiful appearance, thin she completely can't born children, find the true love joked: "you really are suitable for baby! Kids laugh Mimi, should have a few more."

lin2 xin such as

bring lin2 xin such as reached a "sweet deal" and wal.(figure/TVBS)

never avoid eating lin2 xin such as in the past, before recovering, greediness ate two pieces of salt crisp chicken, results in a couple of days baby seems to be because drink breast milk, a small rash on the face, did she dare not eat.Postpartum to job requirements must be quickly recover body, more strict diet, three meals a day out menu, let Tang Qiyang took a call: "your meals component added up to less than my meal."

ten years finally married friends, lin2 xin such as Mrs From miss Lin huo, her smile to say: "because he's been shooting, documentary body is no different, only in more than a baby."Although when the mother, but she didn't want to give up love acting career, because the baby was a little, if want to take sport, location is given priority to with Taiwan, also wal agreement, with the husband can't two people because work at the same time not in Taiwan.Speak of the daughter, lin2 xin such as hide a full face of smile, find the true love said, "baby love to laugh, like a kind of eyelash."Lin2 xin such as sweet smile said: "her eyelash is very long, like dad."

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