The deformation meter: what on earth are you guys or harm a person?!

"distortion meter is in the remote mountains we find a medicine, special treatment for many parents lost the confidence of urban one-child disease."The producers of the show Xie Dikui said.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...Here, should have cold water younger sister cold laughter!

the distortion meter has 13 season.

in after a month of deformation life, rural children really worked hard from now on?Urban children since then lifting? Really?

city hero Chen Xinying girlfriend and coke can however

in the new season just hero Chen Xinying "deformation" of the end of the city, was because of his nature tenderness, humor, frank and gain a lot of attention, but just yesterday, he publicly acknowledged that the relationship in weibo, girlfriend is a big his 3-year-old "quickly" web celebrity, now live he addicted to the Internet, with web celebrity to make friends, some fans that are said to take off the powder after his status quo.

cold water younger sister ha ha laugh, this is the distortion meter the so-called "" change the results.Cold water sister at baidu, the deformation of the young is also really touching!

Han An ran: 11th season "youth companion" hero city

Han An ran this once rumoured to "live the whole to the old" in the show girl, now with a plastic face, on weibo has already has more than two hundred fans.Do the online store, in a web celebrity in weibo fast hands every day to lose weight essential oil film of face of lenses of advertisement, the study of age also not good to go to school, to say her through the distortion meter "was", cold water younger sister killed also don't believe it!

Liao Hongyi: eighth season "young boy" hero city

because bars, love smoking, spending, Liao Hongyi be sent to the deformation of the mountains for a month.After the show at the end of his commitment to guarantee no longer go to nightclubs.However, returned home after the first night, he got into the club.Murphy, the distortion results can also be a success?

more examples, we can go to ask baidu...

adinandra milletii: the tenth season sketched the mood city hero

of course, there are also good.Adinandra milletii is deformation after the broadcast, one of a handful of really change the hero, by the "end of angel" successful change to "sunshine sunshine boy", emotional increasingly strong with parents, now he abbe school to study in the UK, is through their own efforts to progress.

compared with the urban hero "prosperous" after the broadcast, the fate of rural children is more let younger sister heart in cold water.

season 5 in "young why should I worry about" the little black

black is very black, have left us, went to heaven .His disease is kidney function is not complete, take this medicine three times a day, hydrocortisone acetate tablets, want to eat the rest of my life.Finally because of his congenital genetic sugar cortical hormone deficiency, at an early age, he passed away.

Liang Xun: eighth season "young boy" rural characters

a person, a mountain, a pig, a person's stay... is a person at home to feed pigs from 8 years old, his kind of eat Liang Xun, got sick because of the intestines is hungry for a long time.It is said that he was in the reading, then didn't read, in yiyang work in a factory.

agee: in the third quarter, "" the sea calls" rural characters

although starred in the movie "go lala gun", also walked the red carpet to Berlin film festival, but he had also failed to seize the opportunity to become famous, weibo fans of less than one thousand.In 2011, graduated from junior high school of agee to shenzhen to work up to now, it is said that only two thousand a month, by selling physical earn meager income, fill the home.Brother and sister in the home also because to pay fees, reading was forced to drop out of school.In the face of the media, agee said, he is just returned to your world.

broadcast, city hero, popularity soared, open online stores do web celebrity;Rural character, a flash in the pan, return to calm , especially in contrast to city life, they may even appear to feel self-abased and powerless in front of fate.

cold water younger sister asked, such as deformation, whether in people or harm a person?!

the latest issue of city hero Liu Siqi

looked no different with ordinary girl, cheerful love to laugh and love is beautiful, but it spoilt to the point where it's hard to imagine it.

16 help your nails, also need to family, bought a clothes to 4, fifty thousand, also said that enjoys a swipe of pleasure.This should be is a, is the rising star of web celebrity?

who is there or not?Come on, let the cold water younger sister willing to bet you play ~!

want to bet and have more fun and cool review

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