"Liu Luoguo" a family of four really strange flower, father and son are all actors and daughter are colleagues, good happiness

mentioned the name" uncredited ", today's young people may feel strange.But when the prime minister Liu Luoguo "happy to happy", everyone should be familiar, suddenly enlighted, isn't it?Yes, uncredited is the "prime minister Liu Luoguo" witty, honest and smart, justice "happy happiness to joy"!In mainland China, it is no exaggeration to say that born 85 years ago, almost no don't know of the TV series, "prime minister Liu Luoguo uncredited the name as" Liu Luoguo "this classic image spread, left a deep impression on us.

uncredited was born in 1946 in xuzhou, jiangsu province.He began performing in theater, in the 1960 s and the central academy of drama in 1978 to study, then on the screen, contributed a lot of good films.1987 film "ghost" won the golden rooster award for best actor in a supporting role;In 1991 with a film "ge he" won the Chinese TV series who best actor.In 1993 in the film "the phoenix violin," more than act the role of the principal in the corner, for government, hundred flowers awards, the golden rooster award for best actor.Uncredited also once targeted by zhang yimou, worked together for ju dou, "" the word says well" and other excellent film and television works.

just age grew in recent years, uncredited has been out of the entertainment circle, so the new generation of the old play bone felt strange.Even so, in 2014 when he won a 68 - year - old "and" the nightingale "won the first macau international film festival best actor.In recent years, uncredited faded from the public eye, at home reading books, playing root, HanYiLongSun spend their twilight years.

uncredited had a son and a woman, son call for lee.After he graduated from central academy of drama. 'also did an actor, is now relatively well-known comedian.Early for lee urged school drawing, the father then gave up painting, like on the show.His dream was admitted to his father's Alma mater, central academy of drama.But starting in 1994, he got three or four times, are all fallen off.Lee in 1995 exceeded otherregions during the play, for in his father uncredited costume dramas starring role in a "prime minister Liu Luoguo", thus into show business, father and son for the first time the cooperation was very successful.But in the second year exceeded otherregions play, he is "no".

then uncredited had fire all over the great river north and south, in the entertainment industry's influence is very big.Facing the son have dropped off, uncredited did not use their influence to his son TuoMenZi looking for a relationship.Finally, in 2000, lee for its own efforts and strength again, managed to knock on the door of the central academy of drama, uncredited became silliness alumni with his father.

later for lee has been active on the TV screen, although few starred in, and are playing some such as" zhang "" bartender" supporting role, but they are not able to resist him comedy of the four-walled light.Lee for the "magic phone 2 return silly girl", "liu sanjie" and so on film and television works are doing well.Though they play a supporting role, but he was out to treat each role as a leading role, played very enjoyable, it also makes for lee performance is full of details, so most of his characters.

uncredited daughter's name is hu bing.Here you might wonder: uncredited daughter not surnamed li, hu?Actually, called Hu Ying uncredited lover, his daughter is a female mother's surname, so name is hu bing.Hu bing is now a teacher from central academy of drama.Interestingly, her mother, Hu Ying uncredited lover, also is a teacher from central academy of drama, so daughter hu bing Hu Ying is with her mother in the silliness colleagues!Only the old lady has retired now, at home with his wife uncredited enjoy family happiness.So, uncredited with "central academy of drama" a family of four has the close relation, is really interesting.

in the entertainment industry, uncredited personality is very outstanding, even a little bit like prime minister Liu Luoguo" weird ".One is his "love pick to play".General play, or can't see the play, for high paid he do not want to meet again.Also it is for this reason, he is shaped by the role of is not too much, play play, much.But the other thing is, as long as there is in play will impress people.So, works uncredited although small, but the quality is a top of the stick!

uncredited character" weird "another performance is serious" love ".Just because of this character, 2006 uncredited revealed the "case" in the play.It is in after he took the "imperial envoys", the producers did not according to contract agreement unilaterally "injection" cut 3 more sets.Uncredited is a temperament middleman, the producers to the behavior of the "water" to extend the series, you want to change the others may also calculate, but is uncredited uncredited, must from the true, just a lawsuit to the show's product company to court.The defendant was reciting the uncredited in the process of filming a variety of style, and refute uncredited is a big bully "" play.Each side, and had the truth how outsiders don't know.But the case finally ended in uncredited win the lawsuit.

all in all, uncredited is a generally accepted" old play bone ", his performance real, natural, simple and easy, has the very high aesthetic value, it has to do with his usual well-read, familiar with a variety of art associated.Although insider says he "play good man lofty", but his character is always very interesting, so, should go to artist category to him.

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