"Chinese good voice" liu huan group students now big contrast, her cosmetic into net blush

sweet things with teacher liu huan in "singer" deductive "[+ phoenix form", cause the audience resonance, take a look at "Chinese good voice" liu huan group students now big contrast:

hai-xing xu

hai-xing xu good voice was questioned by the death of his father in the hype, sympathy.After hai-xing xu issued some singles, but reaction.

recently hai-xing xu at a certain activity, the original round face, into the awl pointed chin straight stamp, chest and chest strong breast is staggering, totally different from pure image during China's good voice.

lee generation foam

lee generation foam in "my song" moved liu huan, issued after a lot of popular songs such as "to the" the end is not lonely.Lee generation foam can be said to be in the "Chinese good voice" development better.

unfortunately, lee generation foam own fault, because" shelter others drugs "drug and suspected crimes by criminal detention, fine future be ruined himself.

Liu Yue

Liu Yue had attended many times before the game, such as "super girl" "happy girl" "super star avenue, Liu Yue with a Mr Lonely into liu huan group.

Liu Yue always take part in the game, but still is not red, estimates that this is not red body.

naien wang

naien wang looks handsome, like gold in the medium, also was a combination of the singer.With a "Listen" to join liu huan.

claim some autistic students naien wang but negative news, later development, also not offering what hits.

sweet things

sweet things was the original band "Soul Side 'lead to moved liu huan" crescent moon ".

recently, sweet things partner liu huan jointly interpret the [+ phoenix form, feel sweet things haven't changed much.


eartha because of a song "Someone Like You" fame, eartha was circles praised as "China Adele", the voice is unique, first album in May 2014 the movie ticket stub.

JiKeJuan escape

JiKeJuan escape with a" do I Feel Good "move liu huan, won the" Chinese Good voice "after the third place.

JiKeJuan amidst the development of the fine, sent an album, appeared in TV dramas.

Li Hangliang

Li Hangliang participated in "happy boys" won the national finals before sixth, have certain popularity, with a rendition of "seems to still be liu huan group of students.Recently, in the movie "beauty and the beast" singing episode.

2014 Li Hangliang with marin married his girlfriend of 6 years in Beijing, and have a daughter in March 2015.

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