Praying with wei for the impoverished students kneel down three times


qi with wei kneel for impoverished students

material base determines the superstructure, quite not me wrong!

"in the name of the people" is popular, occupied all kinds of screen.TV successfully created a series of character image, the cause of much debate.A few days ago, hundreds of thousands of people to irritable and enthusiastic GDP back pan man Li Dakang secretary "road to turn pink.Today, the wind there has been a huge shift!More and more people begin to sympathise with a villain, the public security bureau of qi and wei, start a new round of "road to turn pink.

qi with wei kneel for impoverished students

rule for climb

with the deepening of the plot, a born impoverished, determined to climb the praying with wei hit the middle class and the heart of the middle class.Before 2003, the university has not yet been large-scale enrollment expansion.University education to a certain extent in elite education, graduated from the university is to get a pass for the bright future.After university enrollment expansion, more and more people get the college, university of market mechanism is gradually revealed.The university is not package distribution.Seek a profession oneself have a impoverished students.Without parents' help, without the help of relatives and friends, many children can only start from the lowest layer of the industry, take the salary of the bottom, do most things.Based in the city, relying on their own hands to get married, settle is how not easy.For impoverished students, no doubt, is a super big challenges.Add water to the central bank, currency devaluation, real estate become the economic pillar industry, high housing prices suddenly shattered this help the middle class a bubble dream of middle-class life.To stand in the city faster, impoverished students can only concentrate on making profits in the society, efforts to climb.However, through their own efforts to achieve the middle class life, implementation class rise?The answer is no.

qi with wei kneel for impoverished students

no monsters in the background is always the first to pick up

in the name of the people's" the anti-corruption drama, there are four typical farmer's son - children.Small officer corrupt Zhao Dehan just starts the KO by Hou Liangping;Easy to learn in the east han provinces have no political resources, waste half, not reuse;Li Dakang children, though it is but a high starting point, start from the municipal party committee secretary, always do the standing committee of the provincial party committee;The most pitiful children not praying with wei.Together with wei since the childhood didn't eat a full meal, eat the rest of the others, others don't.Very not easy to get into the east han university of politics and law department, from higher education, made the east han university student body President.In accordance with the principle of university graduates, with wei should go.Points to the mountains, however, that the judicial offices.While his classmates teacher younger brother Hou Liangping, Chen hai was went to han dong province people's procuratorate.

qi with wei kneel for impoverished students

Lao tze shall have the right, son to capricious

why are so big difference?Chen hai was in his father is a former attorney general of han dong province people's procuratorate, Hou Liangping family background in the play is unknown, but it can be seen is the deep background, not ordinary people's children.Only qi with wei, the serious children who were "sent" to the small place.The source from wayward "rights" father moves the beam!Because qi with wei refused him ten years older Liang Lu love.In retaliation for praying with wei, let a good young man received a great injustice.At a time when, with wei has been kept in the dark and don't even know it.In the face of such a low career starting point, with wei has tried, take an active part in drug trafficking, of the three bullets.Thought this heroic deeds can support him to go to a bigger platform to mobilize.However Liang Lu father again.Teenagers together with wei dream again.

qi with wei kneel for impoverished students

knelt rights, crying is interest

qi wei know, he was a children, with the right hand of the provincial party committee secretary, only to succumb to the right!Wild flowers with a car and a pair of knees won Liang Lu brittle under "love"!To get the same Chen hai was as development opportunities, Hou Liangping, into the han east provincial procuratorate work smoothly.Qi with wei to Liang Lu brittle, dampen his enthusiasm for business completely, aroused the desire for the rights.

in order to seek more power, better development platform, praying with wei constantly attached to any one can make him "progress".One of the most typical is attached Zhao Lichun.Together with wei was a person in the public security bureau security work, accompany leadership Zhao Lichun his grave.For the sake of "progress", the tomb really kneel zhao family, I cried, knelt down and cry sad than "grandson".You might scoff at qi with this move wai, think he is a real apple polisher.I think, here he is just a thirst for the rights of poor, qi with great fear losing Zhao Lichun appears, so we have to try.Out of the improvised the play.

qi with wei kneel for impoverished students

not calculating, how can you host?

the front two kneel, qi wei to succumb to the right, and right press.Kneel down for the third time, is to yield to money and beauty, it completely destroyed qi with wei.Accommodation facilities since sogeum, beefing up, ran such a large landscape group, xiao-qin gao in order to obtain the backer, into the arms of qi with wei.Are from the same impoverished, qi with wei and xiao-qin gao with each other, like knows like.In order to achieve their purpose, concentrate on making profits, shuttle in the power and money.The last fire, end.

qi with wei kneel for impoverished students

the value of a struggle to recapture belongs to own thing should

qi with wei three kneel, born any do you have a feeling?Why Chen hai was with HouLiang flat can be easily assigned to the east han people's procuratorate, and praying with wei spelled a life also can't go?Why Hou Liangping can reemergence, casually succeed and praying with wei to servile, do a pursuit of creature right?I want to, no one is willing to become the world's joke!Can stand live with dignity, no one is willing to prostrate on the floor, and pray for the charity of others.

for qi wei this character, more should be sympathy!Because qi wei to succumb to the power and money, he knelt down, I kneel for you.Perhaps this is everybody to qi with wei "road turns pink"?

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