The professional medical drama film surgery?Please say whether professional replace high heels

since ZhuoWei blackout, white best what has successfully came out first, although has proven itself and Chen yufan already divorced in 2015.

actually, which is a divorce, it is somebody else's private affairs.Say is it a TV series starring today - the west of surgery.

may be little fresh meat are broken to the markets, as the name of the people's hit, a series of serious drama began poured onto the screen, such as is an old movie stars gathered in the "white", the main professional standards of the west of surgery.

but have to say that the audience is critical, more some of them are professional level, in this as exempted from inspection standard of medical films, just started by professional audience to vomit (slot) upside down.

the first, the little doctor brought a group of, the attending physician, director of the search room, think is good!

the what, we always say that everyone is equal, and are a 21st century now, but some still want to know the rules under special circumstances, can you imagine you in the office to your manager, or even a higher level of unit is executive orders look like?

this is not in the name of hit people?Some details can be a very good show who is to lead, who talk to count!

don't imagine, you must feel incredible - or, under the psychosexuality ok - otherwise, you can only stay, the cooler to the greater number don't lack you this talent.

the second, the hospital, have you ever seen a few high heels of doctors and nurses in the work time?

about the ground za don't ridicule - maybe really have such hospitals, focusing on high heels.

according to the records, more than 2200 years ago, the zhou dynasty of women wear the shoe that is round head high shoes, let's call it "ancient high heels. High heels make a woman stride length reduced, because the center of gravity back, legs are straight, before shrinkage, chest and hip is pretty, the woman standing, walking posture is full of charm, alluringly and charm arises at the historic moment.

the love of beauty is every woman's intuition, but not always for the first in the United States. The play, white how to play the morning lu is medical skill and exquisite of thoracic surgery doctor, it's time to put down the role of! work time to wear high heels? - NO!

in the hospital, almost uniformly flat shoes only home - the doctor's family know that if you are careful enough, the next time you go to a hospital don't forget to watch the doctor doctors and nurses working rhythm of the door, it was a busy doesn't even have a drink kongfu! (know why every time I registered a half-day ranked, the doctor did not want to talk to you more? Morning received dozens of patients, is a person even if again good or energy YanFanGan).

three, don't be fooled by medical professional drama

the drunken colleague just have five bottles of beer, conscious let people unexpectedly saline + naloxone... remember, this is a drama, life is not like that, otherwise, the hospital outpatient service will be flocking to heel.

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