The people in the name of the latest plot: Hou Liangping interrogation xin-jian liu a good variety of block high education

set: 39 Hou Liangping race against time Find a breakthrough from xin-jian liu

ShaRuiJin for uncertain suspicious Hou Liangping corruption, higher education had to explain, and Hou Liangping corruption is likely to be a senior member, must be Hou Liangping off the current interviews is director of.ShaRuiJin need to consider removing Hou Liangping decision, higher education will continue to ask his advice, and make things seriously said, pointing to Hou Liangping is not reliable, should have XiaoGangYu in interviews is director of the east han province.

xin-jian liu talk to Hou Liangping after a lot of things in the past, finally Hou Liangping xin-jian liu introduced his topic, at the psychology of xin-jian liu use of gratitude, the han east oil steam group as the zhao's machines.They want in Hou Liangping breakthrough xin-jian liu, give a telephone call from the JiChangMing ShaRuiJin, command JiChangMing stop xin-jian liu Hou Liangping intervention trial.

JiChangMing very hesitant ShaRuiJin instructions, because the case as soon as a breakthrough, but he still hesitated, the Hou Liangping instructions issued to stop questioning.Hou Liangping did not listen to the instructions of JiChangMing, turn off all equipment JiChangMing speak, let JiChangMing prevent his trial.Higher education after ShaRuiJin instructions, also called JiChangMing, asked whether the trial stopped.

inspector general Lin that has stopped the trial, the high education yangjae reassured, talk let JiChangMing his office right away.JiChangMing aware of the seriousness of the problem, he had to go to see the high education good before, for can and Lin lu attorney general issued instructions, give Hou Liangping half an hours of interrogation, avoid the practice of charging.

high education is more and more nervous, afraid of JiChangMing did not stop Hou Liangping questioning, to break the xin-jian liu, he had to command at the provincial procuratorate XiaoGangYu supervision for him.JiChangMing before you leave, make a phone call to Zhong Xiaoyi, what Hou Liangping be real-name reporting, notified the Zhong Xiaoyi, let her have a mental preparation.

Hou Liangping pursuit team captured in Africa, photos, the consequences of Ding Yizhen to xin-jian liu a look, and let him not to attempt to shelter behind those, like Ding Yizhen of that fate.Xin-jian liu, after watching the photos Hou Liangping continue to use religion to hit the xin-jian liu, let xin-jian liu shame for his actions.

XiaoGangYu arrive to provincial procuratorate, immediately wanted to break into to see whether in the trial xin-jian liu, but being locked out of the door.XiaoGangYu know inspector general Lin in trial, then call him ask interrogation, inspector general Lin had to falsely claim in malfeasance case review, want to delay the last ten minutes.XiaoGangYu into the provincial procuratorate, just don't trust, had to make a phone call to the high education, let him ask JiChangMing, Hou Liangping's whereabouts.

a second time to the past, Hou Liangping very impatient, finally wait to xin-jian liu would like to open, while XiaoGangYu also learned that Hou Liang peaceful land also didn't come out from the jail.Higher education conscience Hou Liangping didn't out of the jail, he immediately asked to JiChangMing, blame him not sack Hou Liangping at some critical moments, his JiChangMing feign innocence unaware, also call Hou Liangping in front of the high education good, prove his innocence.

good higher education doesn't believe JiChangMing words, JiChangMing to high education had a good temper, good at higher education make XiaoGangYu plugging in the door, the jail for higher education is simply Hou Liangping into prison.JiChangMing combustion, high immediately relented, and once again tell JiChangMing Hou Liangping malfeasance of the seriousness of corruption, JiChangMing this just calm down, he did not believe that CAI successful report, make higher education a good discretion Hou Liangping problem.

time arrived, procuratorial stop Hou Liangping interrogation, Lin Hou Liangping also had to temporarily abandon interrogation, let lu also may be monitoring xin-jian liu zhao east and movements, and pretended to sleep just a look, and lu yi ke together out of the jail.Zhong Xiaoyi created Hou Liangping phone, has been criticized Hou Liangping, worries about the Hou Liangping being framed things, whereas Hou Liangping a show of indifference, has been in trouble about his things into the foot in the chest.

can see lu XiaoGangYu sent police to track their, stop halfway stop them angrily scold them after a meal, telephoned JiChangMing criticism.JiChangMing let stare at his XiaoGangYu together listen to lu yi ke scold, such as hang after the phone, he did too much, just to criticize XiaoGangYu before filing things not to Hou Liangping, began to Hou Liangping take measures.

lu yi ke XiaoGangYu behavior is very angry, want to tell him a shape, Hou Liangping had to remind lu yi ke, XiaoGangYu are not so big, can also be realized that the higher education the lu what is behind the XiaoGangYu backer.Can be thought of high education good, lu Hou Liangping only with lu yi ke, Wu Xinyi hate is not the in the mind unbalance of higher education good, let the land can also be a good back and talk to Wu Xinyi.

XiaoGangYu evidence of his master, all to JiChangMing review, and shows that he have no rancor and Hou Liangping complete, is a total business is business.XiaoGangYu, CAI success to report, to their real name and four hundred thousand as evidence of bribery, Hou Liangping to let him have to initiate an investigation.

JiChangMing saw XiaoGangYu evidence, or do not believe Hou Liangping is corruption, he had to follow XiaoGangYu shows that he has reached a consensus and high education good, temporary not Hou Liangping case detection, but for Hou Liangping suspended reflection.XiaoGangYu's decision not to believe that suspended self-reflection, JiChangMing had to say a bit more specific, claims that the provincial procuratorate send luliang XiaoGangYu formed a team, the basic facts to find out later, and with the approval of the provincial procuratorate party carefully study and submitted to the provincial party committee, to make the next decision.

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