"Journey to the west" director Yang jie swear 10 years from westward journey, is her heart forever of pain

Yang jie: I want it a few times, less visual fatigue, year after year I'm bored.And after this play, teacher and pupil four people some things, let me very uncomfortable, so I don't see "journey to the west" ten years, forget it.Don't want to say the

according to the memory contents of Yang jie, first chapter ma yan for imparting and her often have problems, such as not to participate in the journey to the west related CCTV rehearsal, calling in sick to go is actually to draw the shao-hua xu imparting to earn extra money, then get the opportunity to show in Singapore, after chapter ma yan want to kick her, therefore also to Yang jie thought and director of CCTV's vice President Yang jie outspoken and through the leadership of the director pressure, at the same time four people draw differentiation participate in the performance of the actors, four people through this process gradually gained dominance to Singapore.Then who can go to Singapore is ma yan chapter four basic alone, finally even compose music journey to the west to the matter Xu Jingqing excluded, director Yang jie was very sad, and a breakdown in his relationship with four people, say "ten years from westward journey".Ma yan chapter invited dare ask road where the singer will greatly, dawei jiang refused and very angry of say master jhang yan with ingratitude.

finally in journey to the west a sequel, ascend a door apology of the four, didn't end the lasting farce.

why" journey to the west "can fire 30 years?Yang jie director hit the nail on the head, and said, "because we are in the art, we have no money, no name, not for profit".86 version of "journey to the west" is not only a TV series, especially the older generation of artists of blood and sweat condenses into works of art.

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