Slap hair rather closures, "lone star" has been adapted TV series, suspected of fraud to compensate


the music of the 1990 s, there was a singer called "cleopatra" of China.More than because she looks like cleopatra, and song, sweet voice.Complex twists and turns of life experiences have also been adapted into TV series, she is Mimi.slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

Mimi is a bitter child, was born in 1969 in the northeast of the mountains, born in a poor family's fine, at the age of 6 parents and thrown into prison, and her brother's life all by his brother to carry wood to eke out to make money.Children are far from her, Mimi childhood and a student has been growing up in a sort of subdued atmosphere.slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

a natural good voice Mimi, 14 years old with grandma to 25 yuan alone began her career as a stray, successively in seven chorus singing.Mimi was admitted to the guangzhou chorus in 1989, because of much discrimination, not cantonese to $20 a day back and forth take 5 hours bus to dongguan singing, life is quite poor.slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

gradually Mimi singing talent, and efforts to gradually was found by people in the music.1989 for TV series "pr lady" singing the theme song was an instant hit.In 1990 to participate in the central television station of the fourth national young singer television grand prix was popular singing for professional titles.Across the years Mimi heyday career in business, invite, she on the size of the city, wherever he is popular.However, most popular and hair rather because "blue night, blue dream" of the so-called "fight song" event, let her become the first block of artists.slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

a performance that was in 1993, Mimi and hair rather a dispute in the background, it is said that also dozen hair rather slap, Mimi's boyfriend and afterwards hair rather played a meal, to the stage of hair rather not this matter after the media exposure hyped, continuous fermentation, lead to hair rather popular jumped, and Mimi coffin, all radio off her songs, all of the image is off the air, be kill Mimi was forced to flee abroad.slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

was banned after Mimi extreme depression.In 1993, jiangsu television Su Zilong situation of Mimi was very sympathetic, Mimi is a rare talent in his eyes, too many places worth learning, and so should not be forgotten, so Mimi art processing experience, made into a film music series "lone star", because the well-made, creative, make the show was a great success.slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

since Mimi's experience is more legendary.After going abroad, Mimi travelled to Spain, Italy, Monaco, France, Switzerland, the United States, also many times during surgery.In 2000 after returning with a famous fashion designer liu as a model of cooperation, become the singer into a model in the field of Chinese entertainment industry.Then, in 2007 signed EMI European headquarters continue singing.slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

out again, after a lot of people relish Mimi stranger in shape like a metamorphosis of regeneration, after a who herself style dress began to bold and unrestrained, perfect figure, hot sexy because , the character of the Chinese and western really amazing.
slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

in 2011, Mimi was involved in fraud for a stage production contract, once again be put.After five years of litigation, Mimi finally lost in the contract dispute, together with the company undertake to pay indemnity, facing more than 1.36 million yuan to return and properly.Frustrated the Mimi during nearly committed suicide several times.slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

Mimi feelings experience also very difficult.And her ex-husband bao-jian li had seven years of marriage, and gave birth to a daughter Li Luo, divorced in 1993.In 1998, Mimi made a call Danny's American boyfriend.Is the largest distributor for a wine company in China.Danny later wrote a book about big had two people privacy, even from the bed will write clearly.Before long, Mimi parted ways with the foreign boyfriend.Some netizens revealed Mimi in vancouver in 2010 also gave birth to a half-blood son, now is 7 years old.slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

the daughter Mimi Li Luo, inherited her beauty and body, two people like sisters.Daughter to participate in a reality TV show in 2014, Mimi also go to support my daughter platform.In recent years, career started well, Mimi and daughter is for many years after sorrow!
slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

countless times fall, and countless times up, experience, experience down and out.Has been in fashion, entertainment and so on network laid the position of Mimi, already will not be easily defeated by.All say character decides destiny, wish this hapless woman can see light, secure a good life!
slap hair rather closures, has been adapted TV series

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