The westward journey v demon "in the two more fatal error

fell demon "westward journey" as tsui hark work with Stephen chow movie, the film quality is to do well, the plot, special effects are very cool.However, although small make up and tsui hark and star ye fan, but still want to say "westward journey v demon" has made two fatal mistakes, please light spray!

the first big failing: queer as wu tang's monk.Some ceramic is not the kind of person who to the little fresh one size fits all, just feel little fresh meat to play his suitable role, not only a object of ridicule, everybody!However, unfortunately, in the westward journey v demon gun!

queer as wu tang's

when I go to the cinema to see the film, and had no prejudice against wu queer, but with a psychological expectation: since Stephen chose him, is certainly has his reasons, and Stephen also boast a queer wu in public, said its acting very serious and professional, and can bear.However, really let me down, wu queer acting, really is a few minutes to let me play, burning hot in that kind of feeling embarrassed to face!Picture is truth!

in fact, I always don't understand, why not let the article continues to tang's monk?Shall not to comment on articles, article acting is more than sufficient to tang's monk, "westward journey down the magic article is verified.Don't just because of articles "see you Monday" event?But the mermaid still show up!If into tang's monk by articles to play, I think I fell demon "westward journey" word of mouth and box to the next level!

article of tang's monk

the second big failure: red boy set!Many people make fun of red boy of chucky modelling, I'm not poking fun at this.

when the Monkey King, perceiving red boy identity, has himself said, red boy, early in the morning watch out!Confirm the spring set of chucky is really red boy!Careful viewers will find, however, the red boy ran out of the castle there were hot wheels!

red boy?Hot wheels?

this is not hot wheels which zha of?Don't lend it to red boy?This also not ah, because behind the red boy not only have the hot wheels, and superhuman powers!

superhuman powers?Which zha?

to tell some ceramic stupid, really can't tell the red boy or which zha!

, I think, the biggest possibility is that the film's screenwriter and tsui hark and Stephen as who grew up in Hong Kong, because of the different way of education, to the motherland to do special professional research of myths and legends, the concept of fuzzy red boy and which zha, after all, in the story of journey to the west, the red boy and which zha this is to compare similar set, so even a mix-up is possible.

of course this is just some ceramic personal speculation, arguably, with Stephen chow and the specialty of tsui hark, won't appear such low-level mistakes.As to whether they deliberately set, just guess!

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