83 edition "shoot diao" 12 actress now photos, carina lau she snaps back into a winner

83 edition of 12 big beauty "shoot diao" historical measurement, carina lau snaps back into winner

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huang2 rong2 and mother

according to Taiwan media reports, the late Hong Kong actress Barbara yung's mother died on January 17th, aged 91, this month 23 for the funeral, then with Barbara yung buried in Cambridge, England.


all say classic eternal!Regardless of age, now change how aesthetic change, some of the classic things will never change, like Barbara yung and felix wong starred in the 83 edition of "the legend of the condor heroes".Now, though, the show picture, makeup, set, fighting wanting in such aspects as design, but can't deny it become a classic, a love letter to bed below grilled steak in the present control of 12 big beauty.

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