The strong-arm reaction, because play love wife abandoned 17 years, send a car to compensate for his former wife send room


xiaoqi, an old actor is really adored by the audience.Xiaoqi was born is not high, the parents are in a clock factory workers, later he became a famous actor.A worker's children to become a actor is really not easy.

as early as 1974, youbin li starred in the drama "MAO elegance is".Beginning in the 80 s in the drama "save her" and so on.Play in the drama "the end of the new Beijing" the last emperor, puyi, acting was widely praised.

later youbin li starred in the movie "die", "valley of days".Also starred in the TV series "she used to be my wife, the ebb and flow.In 2004, xiaoqi plays tzu-ming chang in the movie "the waves", was nominated for best actor award for the 9 th huabiao flowers.

xiaoqi real martial arts because of the strong-arm reaction.

the show is about the fire resistance in the new century, after after after 50, 60, 70, 80 after barely seen.Yun-long li youbin li play a, yun-long li has a prototype in history.Xiaoqi won the 23rd for the role of Chinese film and television audience favorite actor.

after the red youbin li out of the "braving the journey", "benevolent invincible", "red sun", "qipao", "international heroes" and so on TV dramas.Among them, in the international hero, Shi Lanya scenes.Shi Lanya is xiaoqi's wife now.

taken back the jiangshan, xiaoqi and Shi Lanya play husband and wife.Xiaoqi at that time had a wife, but still fall in love with Shi Lanya, two people appreciate each other.In order to marry a beautiful Shi Lanya, xiaoqi divorce with his wife.

xiaoqi wife feel guilty for 17 years, and are willing to get out.Later, he returned to his ex-wife to buy a house to buy a car.

xiaoqi's ex-wife is reasonable, and beginning to end didn't kick up a fuss.When the media reviled xiaoqi, his former wife managed to avoid the media interview, has been covering xiaoqi.

now xiaoqi and Shi Lanya are XinFu life.

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