Have try at first, we have XiWuXian mingde, guo degang Cao Yunjin chinese-style mentoring relationship!

have not who first try, XiWuXian mingde, guo degang Cao Yunjin chinese-style mentoring relationship!

"the teacher said" cloud, "professional, trained to reassure also."

the racing season in 1983, the crosstalk master to the Spring Festival gala, cross talk was a terrible fire.But since the 1990 s, the stage of Spring Festival gala is only feng gong herd a crosstalk partner.The 2000 Spring Festival gala two people no longer cooperation, also means that Spring Festival gala and no fun anymore.

crosstalk gradually decline, many in the industry and the lover is worried.Actually participated in the 1985 Spring Festival gala crosstalk master Ma Sanli declined to 1986 Spring Festival gala director at the invitation of the implication has pointed out the problems: crosstalk is stage art, is also the scene art, not suitable for big square, a big stage, is the most suitable for small theater.

have not who first try, XiWuXian mingde, guo degang Cao Yunjin chinese-style mentoring relationship!

1998 has been set up the Devon community gradually fire in 2005.Developed by Beijing market reputation and network popularization, the guo degang this name is more and more people are familiar with.Before this, he is really good, just study hard, like drums, ballad, Beijing Opera, can achieve professional level.Crosstalk this piece, is poured over the traditional crosstalk this treasure.

the creation of the crosstalk is not easy, creating good crosstalk is harder.But smart guo degang ingenious use of the "new wine in old bottles", is also with his familiar with the structure of the traditional crosstalk show, filling the contents of the new era.Plus his quick, often hang now, so more and more fire.

then appeared two problems: in the new era of entertainment, news and current affairs commentary on the crosstalk, coupled with the "Yu Qian his father, Yu Qian his wife" such ethical punch-line, let many people feel vulgar vulgar vulgar.In addition, flowers, holding each other, you give me face, I will give you support.Elapsed time?Be jealous of envy.

the so-called mainstream crosstalk "vulgar", guo degang boycott.But he is selling his ticket, earn his money.For him, can be a crosstalk performance artists, but not the crosstalk master.Didn't think out a textbook "guo degang crosstalk one hundred segments" or "guo degang crosstalk boutique sets", he is an entertainer, earn money to have a meal, crosstalk and business.

said so much, just to let everybody see guo degang objective.Asked too much on art, on the character and requirement is so high?I'm sorry, no pure gold gold, no one is perfect.

have not who first try, XiWuXian mingde, guo degang Cao Yunjin chinese-style mentoring relationship!

guo degang in 2004 from Mr Hou, but at that time didn't how to learn a new skill.He can do is to do with the earlier learned a few old man, who is your check.Devon community grew, guo degang enlightening.However, guo was born in 1973, and not serious, more didn't have received higher education.The most important thing is that he learn skills that a few old man can is the founding of the former people, river's lake habits, feudal dross is very heavy, these things can't affect less than guo person.

look at ching lee He Yunwei.Because they are Cao Yunjin Liu Yuntian limber rut, talk about Cao Yunjin around don't open them.Ching lee small five years old, is a teacher younger brother: He Yunwei small eight years old, is a student.They leave because the controlled by guo degang, earn money too little.Earn more from Devon community, you can buy a car to buy a house, this is not to be kidnapped by human concept of personal choice, go right, no wrong.

Cao Yunjin?Have to sign a long-term contract, if signed after default, breach of contract in 1 million.His wife is guo degang Wang Hui cousin, but relatives is the most relative to pit.Training of the tuition fee of 8000 yuan a year, eat live in the other room and board.In fact this is good, at least short account.But other things?Seem to do as usual: for three years after their graduation.Is this Cao Yunjin did, show extremely forbearance.

in the consciousness of guo: you worship me as a teacher, I kowtow to, then I will teach you, let you eat this bowl of rice.Should I call you just beat you, I should scold you scold you.I am your father, you are my son.You earn will have to give me money, or give me more than half.

"they have not who first try," XiWuXian mingde, among all of the film and television works, this is the traditional expression of mentoring relationship.

have not who first try, XiWuXian mingde, guo degang Cao Yunjin chinese-style mentoring relationship!

in the theatre listening to the return of the is the crosstalk show, have so of guild regulations is the crosstalk show back.86 strangers Cao Yunjin is worthy of "after 85", before learn to submit to humiliation, smiling;How may return after their graduation in this environment to continue.

Cao Yunjin leaving Devon community, felt it was through his own efforts have all now.And master guo degang, contriving to foster a a successor have gone, like the last three years as a painting was accidentally touch the candles to burn to ashes.But guo degang think: yes myself!Teach them to learn skill, let them have skills, how to also teach an enemy?

YueYunPeng, is the third in the guo degang disciple successor.Small YueYue vowed not to leave the master, naturally has his reasons.We can't finish all today, can only analyze the reason from the source.Are not satisfied with income, as it were, guo degang disciple, are Cao Yunjin mentality.Just because they are now also does not have their capital.Way, more He Yunwei, Cao Yunjin crosstalk in Spring Festival gala said nothing, pure nausea, guo degang crosstalk in Spring Festival gala say generally, YueYunPeng gala said crosstalk with excellent results.

on the other hand, Beijing Opera, folk art, acrobatics and martial arts of the word, has not been suitable for this era is far.Even these nouns, for the vast majority of college students don't god, CCTV crosstalk is better than the competition.On the contrary, music, dance, art, sports, but it can shine brilliantly, various programs but also emerge in endlessly, from the "super girl" to "Chinese good voice", are the ratings myth.

we only from the point of learning style today.Learn to sing, to dance, is how much tuition, on how many classes.You teach well, I continue;You teach very well, I don't come.But learning crosstalk?No one really teach you.Unless you kowtow for my apprentice, the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, Spring Festival to buy me a gift, my birthday, my wife you buy a birthday gift.A small part of the money give me half, what do you want to.So that I can teach you.You follow me crosstalk, can no longer and others have learned, learn with other people is broken the rules.

this rule can not be eliminated?Such art inheritance can have hope?The lovers especially the crosstalk fans are willing to learn in the college students are willing to do?I said to it, you can see guo degang Cao Yunjin what root cause is the contradiction of the original?

have not who first try, XiWuXian mingde, guo degang Cao Yunjin chinese-style mentoring relationship!

the whole industry in this way, can't because of the most famous, Devon community took the blame for guo.Guo degang, Cao Yunjin, if not locate mentoring relationship at the beginning, but the relationship between teachers and students, how can have the fight wars?I wish, guo degang can do a school of crosstalk.

in many comments, lag of family business management and mentoring heritage of the old education was mentioned."Traditional relationships, now turned into a modern game, loyalty and morality are dissimilation, binding and general had limitations."

have not who first try, XiWuXian mingde, guo degang Cao Yunjin chinese-style mentoring relationship!

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