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now zhou both film and television drama, the prospects for development?

the truth zhou long a film face.Although many question but her face is very stand big screen test.

from the aspects of appearance: become a trend in the plastic of the entertainment circle, zhou is a desire.Facial expressions, natural and stand up to enlarge, so she is very suitable for a movie.In acting ways: zhou first movie is zhang yimou directed by the director, for the beginner of her, is very good.Can only say that zhou in the movie circle's performance are good, but sometimes in TV circles faults easily exposed, contrast "July and peace" and "sparrow".

so, not every actor right in two circles, zhou if it can be firmly consolidated in the film circle, must be very good development.

daily gossip


grilled steak elder sister recently looked at the beautiful artificial filling ~ ~ want to know is in?What is the evaluation for him?

in the positive word of mouth now although has been bad, but the artificial filling can be opened the gap for him, although there are so many television stations to less, but not before a few years business case after played so bad!!!!!!

there are video website is also very favour his way of casting, iQIYI "beauty artificially filling" may say a a threshold for him.

he then there will be a TV show to clap, Yang Rong heat meters main men and women, he is very confident for the show, hope don't appear plagiarism!

daily gossip


orea grilled steak sister will meet big Japanese drama, whirlwind is likely to be him?

this theme behind estimates will be more careful, the first few play is making Fang Li invite the calls and fans to meet, actually he is hope to challenge the role of different subjects, otherwise he will not put off junior iii li, peach blossom, but behind for some reason had to pick a similar drama;Someone said he will pick up the subject of repeated impact, but I believe that the little wow has its own planning, believe that through these films will fill yourself.

he next year there will be a lot of arrangement.His plan directed a film for the first time the hourglass, for example, will cost a lot of energy to good enough men, to his age are changxin as tribute unceasingly, more unknown challenges, let us also recognize the different hello how are you!

daily gossip


this fact, the more surprised, babies slowly guess ~ ~ ~

now is the fire that actress M underwent several double eyelid surgery, open a little failure, canthus canthus have a scar.But the double-fold eyelid surgery also nothing important, also is equal to the daily.She hyaluronic acid had gotten much bigger large ~ ~

small circles gossip Come to guess

1. A surname L director, before a big movie, privately very lewd, before a few former girlfriend break up because of dissatisfaction with his flower heart, the big director like to seek a young lady, looking for is for the kind of...

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1. Xu Haiqiao pursuit li-ying zhao 2. Smile and li xiaolu with 3. Zhang jie back welfare 4. Xu Wei chau tore girl 5. Gao liao sister

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