The bilateral Zhen Huan white ling, let this scene does not change, she will be scold miserably!

"Zhen Huan biography" the show is to fire, so it may be because the every detail in the play is worth deep push, and consider under will find many plots are interlinked.With the strong support of the original novel, before the show started there are a large number of loyal fans, good script and actor of guaranteed, the show ratings miracle is inevitable.

today fat with you talk about the play's most reviled woman, AnLingRong.

because the family is not big, at the beginning of entering the palace AnLingRong is a lot of people look down upon, but Zhen Huan don't abandon her, treat her like blood sisters.Unfortunately, in deep house good sisters also will eventually turned, the play is as AnLingRong and Zhen Huan own relations deteriorating as the main timeline.AnLingRong

the play was bad to tooth itch, but read the original knows, so taken, if, in accordance with the original AnLingRong is still worse on eight or nine points, of course, will be more abuse, such as a important scene was changed.

in the original version, AnLingRong before into the palace and Zhen Huan brother ZhenYan came up with a beautiful love.The two men met in the inn, and finally AnLingRong defect because Zhen Huan and ZhenYan broke her last hope.

in the AnLingRong palace was eventually ruthlessness to erosion, she also designed to kill. Reach Xue Qiantao ZhenYan's wife and son are so evil!

missed a wonderful scene, so for a lot of the audience is a kind of regret, but in a certain sense also good this scene was choked, otherwise AnLingRong must be scold to pieces, in the end she is just a poor woman, a victim of NaGong bloody battle.

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