Why are the south koreans to park geun-hye intolerance?


the south Korean President park geun-hye in "girlfriends" event, South Korea, its polls continue to create a new low in the history of constitutional government.As of December 3, south koreans have held six consecutive large-scale "born" rally.The author also witnessed the south Korean public demonstrations, witnessed the crowds are flocking to spanking-new gwanghwamun plaza.Among them, there is a lens are impressive: in one corner, the orderly procession of tens of thousands of people, men and women, old and young each hand holding a lighted candles, such as the flow of tidal lets a person feel the surge and shock.

why south koreans to park geun-hye intolerance?

had heard the voice of the domestic, to the south koreans so intense, so large, struggle and persistent action how many feel a trace of confusion.Perhaps the implication is implication in the Chinese society will probably use a little "tolerance".Discussed here, of course, is not the law in the sense of right and wrong, but rather to explore the influence of the south koreans collective punitive type hype why so uniform and rapid action.

I have lived in Korea for 13 years.And according to the author's experience, actually in south Korean society there is no absolute "zero tolerance".Objectively speaking, the "gray area" on the edge of morality and law still exists in all aspects of Korean society, the tradition of the Oriental society at the same time, the thought custom, behavior and other factors, such as Chinese people are also known as the way of the world, in various social phenomenon in South Korea there is hidden or in situ.

"Wu Li" collectivism under the driving people took to the streets

why south koreans to park geun-hye intolerance?

this is why?The special features of South Korea's national?Or because the south koreans have unified the "consciousness"?Or because the concept of democracy, rule of law into already, make mistakes is chasing obliged to a should not violate social bottom line?

maybe there are some other reasons, on the working and living in South Korea, the author's experience, the following may help the reader investigation in south Korean society from time to time the phenomenon of "zero tolerance".

in addition, at the beginning of the crisis, the judicial system is relatively rapid response ability and the media have in-depth research and advocacy capacity, the combination of the two seem to be able to influence public opinion, to some extent and can in a relatively short period of time create a social atmosphere of "national already can't stand", so that the other factors that can interfere with public opinion towards such as political interference and manipulation or too late, or in the face of strong public pressure and choose to retreat.

of course, not absolute.Several years ago has had the media actually quietly opened to related to the scandal "girlfriends" investigation, but in the first stage was politically temporary pressure, so no time to cause widespread influence in society.But the outbreak of the scandal, in addition to media under siege, depth of mining, there special prosecutors strong interference.Thus, in South Korea, involving major and sudden emergencies, "media and justice" efficient combination helps form a relatively consistent opinion attitudes in society, because after all, people's heart, the "law" is more than the "politics".

artist supply system lead to mistakes idol intolerance

single in terms of the improper behaviors of south Korean entertainers, South Korea's entertainment business training mechanism may objectively led to the formation of a "zero tolerance" attitude.

in South Korea, the acting industry planning, personnel training, can be said to be the very system and the operation of the market has formed a complete set, mature and effective operating mechanism.Perhaps because with such an almost "step-by-step" artists develop, launch mechanism, so once appear, individual artists made let people can't forgive mistakes, there are a lot of itching can be offered to replace the position of the artists made a mistake.Therefore, performing arts companies also have no necessary to intentionally keep individual artists and let the company image even influence the market.But this moment, people will agree with such a truth, no matter how tall you are, you are a member of the performing arts company, mistakes should be punished.

of course, is related to "collectivism" psychological effect, is as a single nation of South Korea's land area is relatively small, north and south side is about 500 km apart, once the scandal broke, a short time, universal knowledge, and often is universal "move", perhaps can say "little things" don't go out, "big" travels fast.With the Internet and smartphones, of course, the transmission of information in all countries can do at moment.But if you want to do in action within short time the capital continue to launch by hundreds of thousands or even millions of people from all over the country to participate in the collective demonstrations in order to express the resolute attitude, "zero tolerance" in any a vast country, how much I'm afraid such "adhere to the" to implement will encounter some difficulties.

(author of yonsei university institute of China special researcher)

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