Sichuan province people's hospital since pharmaceutical most cheap 2 yuan?Reporter field to spy on

sichuan province people's hospital since the cheapest 2 yuan pharmaceutical? Reporter field asking for

sichuan online news (reporter Wan Jing Huang Yao intern) recently, online a chengdu a homemade star medicine hospital the cheapest 2 pieces of posts by residents of extensive debate, the drug is suitable for many common diseases and cheap.For a more thorough understanding of these since the authenticity of pharmaceutical, November 23, this reporter went into the sichuan people's hospital has carried on the on-the-spot interview survey.

into sichuan province people's hospital pharmacy department building, a strong medicine smells fragrant.Medicine division director Long Enwu led reporters to facial features between preparation, the pharmacist unified wearing surgical masks in the room, clean white suit bag to cover all of their hair, body and feet, to make their own minimum directly exposed to the air, they are to repeatedly test since the pharmaceutical research.Research and development is very hard, but the good news is that each patient feedback to them.

the provincial hospital from pharmaceutical has 66 varieties, respectively, the western medicine internal and preparation, western medicine preparations, western medicine ointment facial features, Chinese medicine preparations, oral medicine granules, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) acid, etc.These since the pharmaceutical in ordinary word of mouth is very good, in order to let more people can use to this kind of medicine, hospital after efforts to cleared by the fda to spread to the hands of the people.Since the pharmaceutical: one is approved by the state agency, approval number into "XXXX" approved by the state;Another kind of medical institution according to its clinical needs, with the approval of the provincial food drug administration and preparation, solid self-used fixed with prescription medications, such as "sichuan medicine system XXXX" word, cheap, used in the medical institutions, but can only be obtained with a prescription can't sell out.

sichuan province people's hospital since the cheapest 2 yuan pharmaceutical? Reporter field asking for

in post referred to the lowest since the pharmaceutical is 2 yuan, dragon director responded: "many drugs are in lose the sell, despite the medicinal materials rise in price, but in order to ensure that people use good medicine, we use with less money to ensure the best medicine."Introduce recent chengdu temperatures plummet, director of the dragon, frequent colds, these since the pharmaceutical giant knotweed jiedu granule was their star products sell like hot cakes, the drug is suitable for cold early, clear heat, detoxify, relieve cold symptoms curative effect is very good, a lot of students are used abroad.Chengdu hot and humid climate of eczema became a common problem of many residents very headache, for this kind of citizens urea cream clobetasol propionate (skin) this drug has obvious curative effect.For the use of these drugs, patients with allergic symptoms suggest citizens buy home, director of the dragon in hand on the back of a small scale allergy tests first, if no allergic reaction before large area is used.

these since the pharmaceutical how to buy?"In order to facilitate citizens buy on provincial hospital for the convenience of the clinic and hospital trusteeship of couplet of medical hospital can buy can brush medicare card."Dragon, director of the said, but for the first time to buy corresponding symptoms of drug treatment, in order to ensure the safety and efficacy, registered expert advice is to see how, determine the conditions to buy again.Citizens to use when the drug must be purchased in diagnosis under the premise of clear, can we truly achieve saved save good curative effect.Brush with my id card when buying a hospital, clinic prescription and medicine.World some homemade is can't buy the hospital pharmacy drugs, because the hospital internal use homemade preparations can only be in hospital, citizens can not grasping, please!To the provincial hospital for the convenience of outpatient service and the best buy of couplet of medical hospital.

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