About "goodbye two street", do you know what is the street?

goodbye two street is a more listen to more interesting music, heard the mind fantasy out of such a lens: a girl brokenhearted, long trip far countries, walking in the streets of Tokyo, the feeling of feeling not be disturbed, thinking about how to have their own happy not be disturbed, but more think more think eyeful depression.At that time passed by a record shop, do you hear from exotic folk songs.And then found himself had always had a very happy, only oneself has not found, because is still alive, because also can drink a cup of hot tea.Although have no boyfriend, but it may meet again next intersection a?Still thinking about him, but also just think about?

street, unless otherwise specifically, actually is and the inside of the Chinese "street", the meaning of "hutong".

in addition, two street in Japan shinjuku, refers to the gay district.A street and third street is a lesbian area.That year, Lin xi, weekend and wyman go to Tokyo to see u2 concert, Lin xi waiting at the second street record shop weekend for three hours, after this word.The Fuji mountain is also from the trip.Is considered to be "goodbye two street" prequel."Goodbye two street" is Lin xi favorite song words, he gave the best lyrics to Miriam yeung, rather than the eason chan, because he felt only the deduction of Miriam yeung expressed his want to express the feeling.

Lin xi once said: "I wrote the saddest words are 'originally I not not happy, I a person not only found.' write" goodbye two street ", is sincerely feel that even if the original in all eyes should have their own happiness and regret in, the ignorance without sleep, for happiness, what hope is there to speak of."


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