The 10 films after you see the may forget the rest of my life

the film had already is now indispensable part of life, our life will be a lot of movies, or joy, or beautiful, or sad, or deep, but good movies, there is a common, when you forget the other movies, what else can you think of it to wanting more.

10, "requiem for a dream"

the 10 films after you see the will never forget the

with dead time watching this movie like, everyone in the struggle, this is not cool chicken soup, it is thick and the arsenic, no matter how happy you are, after seeing the movie, you will also empathy, in the end all of your desires will disappear.Is it a sad movie, sad to despair, sadness to vomit, because film tension is too big that all good.So that you will always remember the movie.

9, "hunting"

the 10 films after you see the will never forget the

someone with tidal said that this is a highly explosive film, tidal actually prefer to think, this is a bleak film, in many cases, what is the truth of the onlookers is not important, they need is a fulcrum, let yourself standing on the vanity of the moral high ground, proud at that time was at that time, let the truth submerged by new novelty, this is don't watch the movie and even some sad, will feel that life is better than death, but you have to make a living.

8, "echoes"

the 10 films after you see the will never forget the

film is unforgettable, because of the deep, and profound that accompany sometimes is touched, a film called "echoes" attention, from the beginning until the release of tidal don't quote too much expectation, but a look at the good surprise, you are hard to find a domestic film so real, pure and touching film.When you experience should have moved, you would be hard to forget such a movie.

7, loyal dog eight male story

the 10 films after you see the will never forget the

maybe you will forget the movie plot, you will forget to professor parker how to fall, you will forget how the family grew up, but you must not forget that waited a full decade had little eight, eight male high-spirited old and dirty, don't like his mistress before holding it was moved to tears, because of the heavy snow night train to 8 male and waiting, seems to shine like see male host as as before walking out of the train station with open arms to embrace his ~ in fact the dog knows everything.

6, "be abandon pine nuts life"

the 10 films after you see the will never forget the

with the technique of comedy to tragedy You will find that the last laugh of laughter And eyes full of tears, do you think life is finished when it goes on, when you think life can start again, life has ended.She didn't understand the root cause of failure in life is give up self-esteem entire devotion to gain is not worth having the so-called love, so you will remember this woman of pine nuts, she said: born, I'm sorry.

5, "a Chinese Odyssey"

the 10 films after you see the will never forget the

this is a classic almost don't want to get to your movie, because it exists in your dearest memories, this is take out at any time can go over it again.You will remember the inside of the each plot, and of all star ye say those classic lines together, you will smile seemed, you will also feel throat like watching the movie have lead general unspeakable uncomfortable, you will cry together with the sovereign treasure to smile, even if the film has become a years.We are still in love with it, is consistent.

4, "Titanic"

the 10 films after you see the will never forget the

even after many years still can't forget at the beginning of moved, this is a film should be remember, even if it looks like you will still cry now, I don't have even a portrait of him, but he will live forever in my heart.Love you but is a flash, but at the time of flood becomes eternal.


the 10 films after you see the will never forget the

although it is a cliche, but still can't less the film, in the film, we don't need to know too much complicated things, don't need to how much the profound understanding, also do not need finished watching how much emotion is released, because these things will gradually be diluted, after watching the movie and even forget that we can remember there is a man named forrest gump, the use of his talent, and a success.Of course, he is very persistent, very kind.And our life just need the persistence and kindness.

2, "shoven grams of salvation"

the 10 films after you see the will never forget the

this rare masterpiece in the history of the movie, the douban score the first film, eulogized by countless people, why?Because the film out of the rare in the works of this kind of tender feeling and moved.Tidal watched this movie is about high school, almost 10 years ago, has not remember prison, only remember that movie tells us, to uphold and full of hope.Maybe that's the charm of the film, is sweet.

1, the "melting pot"

the 10 films after you see the will never forget the

tidal remember hole yu uncle holding the dead child's black and white centerpiece, under the impact of the water cannons, chanting the name of the child, telling the child's suffering.We can't change the world, but we can choose to be the world change, tidal when graduation design of college students do to such a data: in China, every day there are more than 40 an unnatural death of an equivalent to a class of children, 40 day!!!They have change the national film, we have to change the film country!!!!How to let a person do not forget this movie?!

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