Ajit emergency surgery at peace: only recording shows a small injury

means safe ajit emergency surgery: only show a small injury

means safe ajit emergency surgery: only show a small injury

sina entertainment - October 31 night, ajit through weibo at peace, wrote: "recording shows were a little flesh wound, you in order to secure or let me to a hospital emergency treatment, small things, don't worry! Now go back and then recorded! Thank changhai hospital doctor nurse!"And upload with gauze bandaging of wound, see from photos, the wound has been wound treatment.

weibo later, netizens have expressed concern that caishaofen first message said: "brother! Be careful, heartache you!"Ajit reply again later netizen, said: "everyone at ease, I lay in the operating room because this is the standard procedure, hospital if the doctor's permission, I can jump into the operating room, is on leg hurt, handling do have difficulty, but there is a new technology doesn't hurt, more than ten minutes! Really don't worry!"

later on the same day, some netizens through weibo sun ajit and medical workers, said: "ajit, has just been sent to Shanghai yangpu district 3 armour hospital, no fracture, metal object is inserted into the calf (love) now finished surgery. Would be reassuring to see how the teacher's smile. But the big screen photo and doctors take! What the teacher's original fans everywhere! Bump of the dalai! Later also want to record the program, performance, must pay attention to what the teacher's safe! Mua!"In this photo, ajit wearing a hospital gown, sitting on a stool, than the scissorhands, a smile, it seems the wound is not very serious.After the net friend to see photos have also said "to see what the teacher is ok good! Pay attention to safety!"(I'm Milton)

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