Ghost elves sweet new world!


ghost elves sweet world!

who is she?!

she incredibly is our GUI GUI...Clams?!

impression of ghosts in Taiwan is such a...

ghost elves sweet world!

to...Is where a monty!

we monty star grew up into a singer even

singer even with her latest album "GEMMA" guest star!Mission!

ghost elves sweet world!

she in the show for everyone to interpret the origin of the name, the new album, the ghosts of G and his English name of EMMA now her new identity "GEMMA"!

ghost elves sweet world!

it is!And is also a new identity of ghosts even!

shows her back on a simple order Korean class trip, really is easy to understand ha!Come fast to learn together!

there are broke and pored over the background of the fun in Korea and 2 PM they chatted what Obama...The Obama praised her beautiful, this is the truth!But this ghost jersey fit sugar table elder brother I swallowed a first!

ghost elves sweet world!

then is our key!How can there be black silk ribbon is a ghost...Ghost nylon CP life push uh huh!But WULI ghosts said to thirty agreed when answer so

ghost elves sweet world!

table elder brother not pick things, just want to say, arron watched video how to think!Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, let elder brother love black silk ribbon first 3 seconds!

ghost elves sweet world!

there is a weight is CNBLUE untouchable Obama cough up...He is ghost ghost the new album a love song "waiting for you love," actor, cute ghost taught Chinese to the letter said that Obama also took almost get the makeup of Obama!My ghost ah ~ you don't be so ~

Obama will also be shy!

ghost elves sweet world!

"you love" MV shooting good not much said, the content, there is a lot more fun fast stamp the original video rolled up cough up!Finally table elder brother I wish ghosts new album sold!Lovely ghosts in South Korea also hard, later the ghosts also come on ~ you are the best!

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