26 years no actor chow yun-fat also to shoot movies?


as the Hong Kong entertainment industry one of the most qualified bosses, chow yun-fat is a piece of Chinese movie industry monument is unable to avoid.3, 2, seize the golden horse awards, won awards in the early 1980 s, chow yun-fat is the brightest star, actor in the Chinese film industry.

26 years no actor chow yun-fat also to shoot movies?

as an actor, the elder brother of the hair to give the audience a classic already enough, name one is "the bund" hall "gamblers" such works.If go to demanding such a old man over 60, seems to be some wrong.

but return overdo think people had seen the "mascherano" of life of righteous itinerant persons and young "gamblers", will inevitably to hair elder brother expectations "overweight" continuously, and this expectation is often easily and the material rewards.More popular so-called "personal" and "more" with this in the same way.

however, this does not erase hair elder brother 26 years failed to get best actor of the fact that it has the following causes:

works is a quality problem, rough play, send elder brother themselves they, to cow force of zhuge liang also guided "no resistance" dou!

2 is that role is not right.Stubbornly show just carry gun battle, can it work?

the last point, is the attitude shift, director, ceases, should get the prize is a time, there is nothing to fight!(this possibility from the elder brother of the film can be seen over the years)

26 years no actor chow yun-fat also to shoot movies?

if you break the finger to calculate a calculate, movies from hair elder brother over the years and many actually, this year alone, it has been released "chills 2" and "Macao of the 3".Hair nearly three years elder brother appeared in a total of six films, including the macau of the trilogy, "journey to the west, make heaven", "magnificent office worker" and "chills 2", the rhythm of the two pieces of a year, the compasses.But quality is poor.

brother's have a role in the piece, the Macao "series, hair elder brother plays" gamblers "magic stone of a firm, the role it is easy to be associated with the" gamblers ".Although the end eggs to spin out the two, but is that possible?Audience will you think of the gap.Hair elder brother here and neurotic as performance, the audience can only figure, also can see something profound?Sorry, no, this kind of film is only good for making money, award, god forbid!!

26 years no actor chow yun-fat also to shoot movies?

classic is called classic, itself has no copy feature, how could imitate blindly to overtake?

not to mention the great heaven, the jade emperor elder brother play, modelling spicy eyes do not say, brother to send performance space is very small, can't you can also change the jade emperor to merciful? That is coming in for criticism more).So I can't think of it a little hair elder brother what's impressive performance in the film, not to mention.This was with strong commercial film itself is full of plot holes, let alone take the standard to evaluate the art.You can expect Daniel wu relies on "warcraft" and get an Oscar statuette?

26 years no actor chow yun-fat also to shoot movies?

the magnificent office worker is Chinese films rare musical, this film was not johnnie to good at, so it's hard to impress people.This is director for film set of innate tone and subject matter, this point as an actor is not around.Sending commands from a brother, played in a enterprise boss, very different from the identity of the past is full of Jiang Huqi.The role of no hair elder brother "appetite".

although hair elder brother his range is very wide, when he made the rebellious, hippie, or low level characters, some handsome, elegant, some are funny, and embarrassment, also some hidden, cold but full of feelings.

but he is really good at the cultural level is not high, the lack of family warmth, struggling in poor conditions and heavy river's lake helpful character, lively, xingshenjianbei act.

film type discrepancy, role Settings, have led to the elder brother is gradually away from the position of the actor.

26 years no actor chow yun-fat also to shoot movies?

of course, there are many reasons for this, I think there are two main insurmountable gap.

the first is age.Hair elder brother "old age" is 62 years old, look at his face wrinkles and increasingly gloomy face, he can't play one by one as usual again ying arose, energetic, fast, and the limitations of age for an actor is anyone can't avoid.To play a river's lake eldest brother line not line?Can also, but it is not Mr Ma, also is not high, is the godfather of brando.

the second can't evade the reason is that the mainland and Hong Kong in the past the open environment of trial system is very different.Someone pointed out, even at the time of the may put aside to show up to now, also won't appear when the effect of the whole, because it in the mainland, the drama, "preach" gambling tend to be accepted in the administration of radio, film and the cutting of large area, finally presented is not like what we see now.

this is north of Hong Kong filmmakers common face of helpless.In such a market under the background of creation, is bound to affect the directors and actors.To meet the policy requirements, to meet the audience appetite, be short of one cannot, so Hong Kong filmmakers like to harvest the past again in the market and the effect of word of mouth have even harder.

26 years no actor chow yun-fat also to shoot movies?

a good actor, if you want to get the best actor, must take a few threshold, work, roles, and timing.Hair elder brother is a good actor this needless to say, otherwise he won't win five actor.But after the time change, he has failed to find suits own role, this is the most critical.As for timing, is always left to right position, work well, image plump, timing is unexpected.

however, it may be not hair elder brother want, also not hair elder brother want to desperately pursue things, after all he is past sixty.If think stand in the Angle of the hair elder brother, this age is the age care, at that time, he live with more free and easy, already surpassed those of fame.He wants to, maybe just do yourself.

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