The cerebral male director: looking forward to invite song joong ki and SHINee

on October 17, tvN variety show "sexy brain age - the problem of man" Li Gencan, director of a media interview, said wanted to invite actor song joong ki and also finish SHINee in whole.For standard invited as guests, Li Gencan director, said: "we're basically in accordance with the basic data for the background of the invited guests, will see the news or other information around."For you look forward to invited guests, the director replied: "since long time ago, I would like to invite the song joong ki play. Last night (16 October), SHINee precious hao also said that in the circle of friends around, song joong ki is the most intelligent people. Personally, I really looking forward to see the song joong ki problem solving process. In addition, SHINee Key, Thai people and precious hao has appeared in our program, in the three different strengths. In the future if there is an opportunity, very hope to invite SHINee five people in the form of the whole star in our program."In addition, for the next issue of guests, Li Gencan director said, temporarily also can't open, but will be unexpected star, is also a member of star park is approved.(coordinating editor: Britain solid)

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