Father is a "dragon five" Charles heung, the mother is often too hot search to li fan bingbing gav

father is

father is

he is the eldest son of "five dragon Sir Charles heung", is more a mother generosities donator often hot search on "small" - to too, he was born in Hong Kong movie XieHui, had a long and confused growth period.What is the reason to let him in at the age of 25 down everything, from scratch to stay?Mother to too many by netizens, he feel?Starring film "god legend" is released, it will bring about what kind of bloody?This reporter an exclusive dialogue to assist, to give you the answer.

titled | Yang Beibei

(SMW entertainment weekly reporter)

father is

his birth, witness Hong Kong last gold s

"I be rosamund kwan to knead face, from small to knead to big"

to Jordan was born in 1984, that year, when the Hong Kong film ChengTou "king flag" the warring states period.

decline of big brother shaw borrow "the frog prince" will be "new wave" leader of the new art of the city of the British Isles pipa playing residue;Film golden harvest in the new launch "police story", "luck" hot films, such as standing;Established sammo hung attachment golden treasure grain company taken in day and night catch "Mr Zombie"... It is this year, a film called "insein" company quietly into action, entrepreneurship as the size of bad news small money, to success.And insein founder, is in the river's lake left too many legends of the two brothers, to assist father and 13 uncle - Charles heung and to Washington.

father is

when I was a child and father Charles heung.

with the company was born, Charles heung natural high hopes on the son, "I called before to assist the flattening, brother called (to saso) show all, dad wants us to 'show' out of the ordinary, do not ordinary person."To rename the two brothers is mother to too, for her name to learn a little research is also his name from "tiffany Chen" changed to "generosities donator" - a she picked a good name for himself at an early age.

in those early days, at a young age to assist is always ignored by the busy parents, mother Chen Lansheng helping himself after he even confined to sit, then plunged into corporate affairs, sometimes commended to Charles heung first wife Betty ting will take care of.Generosities donator and Betty ting very harmonious relationship, to assist the childhood often and sister half-sister to both current playing together.

to assist at that time don't think what's the difference between their home with others, also don't see themselves as "rich kid", "when the parents are not particularly rich, even if the act is very successful, and earn reputation more than money."But located in Kowloon tong house is the most the place that stars, great beauty rosamund kwan upstairs downstairs, two minutes' walk to fat elder sister Lydia shum home;Whenever a new play shooting, but also the whole crew will nest in the sofa of the sitting room, with his parents, 13 tertiary (to China) together to discuss the script, then the actor can't absent, no matter you big like Andy lau, chow yun-fat chow, the people, atmosphere is very good.

father is

intersection with almost all Hong Kong stars.

but the most like to assist Andy lau and rosamund kwan."Rosamund kwan is particularly delicate, beautiful and not empty, very have temperament."Mention the goddess of the heart, to assist particularly shy, fat fat white as a child he had gotten in favor with close great beauty, be like brother ache, "from small pinch me knead to big, from when I was baby began to pinch me."

when he was four years old also happened "to rosamund kwan miserably deceived twice" story.Then to born to find Andy lau, rosamund kwan starred in the movie "pride eagle", in which the role of a little boy, cast and temporary couldn't find the right person, but to "play" again, do not want to act.So "cunning" to too said to him, "I let Andy lau you dad, rosamund kwan play your mother, do you want to play?"So he deceived to set.And then to the scene just know not play their son, "indignation" to run to the bathroom lock the door, who asked will not come out, "finally rosamund kwan cheat me out."

"insein" cooperation in the late 90 s the most jet li is to assist another idol, "he was one of those gifts are nice diligence actors, many stars have to work for my family when I was young, but I only like those special is, let the person I admire."With the friendship of a special jet li grew up watching to assist, often advised him to study, later to succeed his father was in charge of the enterprise, but in the end to assist the idol's footsteps, took to the road to kung fu.

father is

youth from meat to play baby to muscle.

"bullying prince ye" out of the stray teenager

"Charles heung also could not born baby be born have eight pieces of abdominal muscle, right?"

just like good friends make me cry, grew up to assist in the Hong Kong media spotlight, 13 years old, he felt for the first time of the outside world full of malice, "I sometimes appeared on the magazine covers, and no matter what I do, will be scold."

at that time, many people put "celebriots" or the "rich second generation", as a kind of original sin, both for its full of voyeuristic interest and authority, and to assist the whole growth period under a kind of can't bear.

"I like the swimming, almost in a Hong Kong swimming team when I was young, but soon transfer, to go abroad, so I play basketball, football, once as well."To assist memory, frequent transfer he interrupted from time to time by their own interests, but because of the limitation of size after had to give up basketball and football.Lost a few years later, he said to the parents, I want to be actors.Opportunity coming soon, the time of the TVB big charge whom he born to too old friends to hand, happily received this a face of ignorant young people, but there is no special treatment to him, and all the niche "growth path, to assist must start from the" tomato li fei "(relief).

father is

because of family background, since the childhood has been questioned.

to son home into the line do tomato li fei.Play a few times in a supporting role, Hong Kong media would not miss the big news, negative flying like snowflakes."There will be people say with me face to face, you not red, you can only rely on dad."To assist recall, when he is not happy, because took a long time still play a supporting role, supporting great age also can only occasionally small animal movies, at the same time a lot of people already became a star.Thus, 25 years old, he made a big decision, acrobatics, do a star, all over.

to born to too are very approve of, not only because of his father Charles heung with 13 uncle to Washington had already done in the 70 s "old jack", appeared in a lot of kung fu movies, because in the Jackie chan was old, playing star period s, to the life and to think too, do the "star" is indeed a son to get rid of "tomato brown" destiny to rise, "they think, acting this thing can't say, but kung fu is a hard, a movement did drift not beautiful, can see a play how many star ability."

father is

kungfu practice for six years.

so, jet li in under the guidance of teacher younger brother, jump, jump move STH to make time in the past in a hurry for several years, exercising five hours a day never interrupted to assist mastered taekwondo, western boxing, sanda, martial arts, such as a variety of techniques, and build the muscle line of beautiful, compared with the fatty boy boyhood, totally changed.His most exciting is that while he was in Shanghai see admire already a long time of ang lee's film festival, ang lee's first words were said to him, "I know you are 25 years old start acrobatics of the story."

"no matter what I do, actually will be someone, but to practice kung fu has always been a very positive thing, I practiced for six years, now state is very good, Charles heung is not likely to give birth to a baby be born have eight pieces of abdominal muscle, right?"To assist.

father is

SMW entertainment to assist X

"what my mother did not dare not say!"

father is

atypical "grandfather prince"

"my mom first year with net friend choke up,

because she never was so called"

SMW entertainment: "god legend" release, you may soon be faced with a cliche topic - are you afraid of being said by my parents host?

to zc: this period is over, because in Hong Kong to be asked so many times before.Others say with me face to face, you are the son of Charles heung, why do you want to do, but would never run out.And say I'm a son Charles heung, is should be well done, do well deserved it... Really, I do again good, they also like to write me so much, so accustomed to, it takes time to prove.

SMW entertainment: you feel like your dad is a bit similar, because your grandpa forward particularly famous, your father should also be as affected by some, and then after you started out, under the shadows of your father.

to zc: we don't, or my dad with my grandpa do not the same industry.(note: author forward to assist grandfather was Hong Kong's "new meanings" Ann leader.)But I do the same industry with my dad, so I difficult to not be affected, this is inevitable.

father is

generosities donator and mother, father Charles heung.

SMW entertainment: and your mother is really special bet (to too generosities donator), hot be a word not found.

to assist: (laughs) it's not a dare not say, is to some of their own point of view, and it is what they experienced.(you will see a net friend to scold her, love or feel angry?)I think once opened weibo become big V, you are about to assume that what others say you, you don't ignore him.People praise you, of course, you also don't show off in an ostentatious manner;The somebody else scold you, you also do not want too in my heart.(that your mother CARES? For those who scolded her angry?)Yes, the first year is too care about, so just like fans choke up, because she had never been so scold...

SMW entertainment: should often see the stars at home when you were young?The most like who?

to zc: often see, but I didn't feel they are stars, because is come to my house to work.The most like Andy lau and rosamund kwan, of course, when I was a little boy, I really like her!(rosamund kwan know you like her?Certainly will, she hurt me, hurt me like a brother, also often pinch my face, from small to knead to big.

SMW entertainment: (laugh) that rosamund kwan now meet you will like when I was young to knead face?

to assist idiot: (laughs) I also want to...

SMW entertainment: when you were young is "a good eye eye is good also, your company out of a lot of classic beauty, such as zhang min.

to zc: zhang has a cool temperament, I'm not familiar with her, my uncle close with her.Actor, (2333) : I know, company must be cooked... (2333) don't, um, zhang is very beautiful, she is have a sense of dust, the role of the play is very mysterious, like "pleasant and romantic dream" or something.(so she is your dream girl?No, I prefer rosamund kwan.

father is

want to be the next Jackie chan.

to become the second Bruce lee or Jackie chan?

"I am who I am, I am to assist"

SMW entertainment: male leading role play more then your company is Andy lau, chow yun-fat, and weeks of stars.

to zc: well, then is jet li, as if we didn't take only three of actors, Jackie chan, and Tony leung chiu-wai dawn.

SMW entertainment: who do you like movies?Jackie chan?Bruce lee?Lau kar-leung?Shao-films?Jet li?

to zc: I like it, but now also can not made into a before, this is market decision, time will eliminate something, and then plug in technology, connected to the special effects, quick rhythm slowly at least to match the lens.

father is

have these photos is not more than air, but really can explain the family background in this matter.

SMW entertainment: but you wouldn't worry about it, now effects more and more developed, and then one day you all can use special effects to complete the martial arts, martial arts not useless?

to zc: no, take the seal of god when I was a live performance.I think is the most valuable people return uncut jade to put in things, and with the hand, with the feet, with talent gush out of things is the most real, the most valuable.

SMW entertainment: there are thought to be the second Bruce lee and Jackie chan?

to zc: why do you want to become the second them?Lucky I was born in a family with good environment, I don't have to support the family, don't compare with others.Today I am not a Bruce lee, also not Jackie chan, I is to assist, I will try my best to infection to others, let them get power, is ok.

father is

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