firecrackers to the baby harm have how old?damage hearing is no laughing matter!

the new year's day, 3 days split mile beep firecrackers let nianweier more and more strong, but also let the parents headache:

i'm 27 weeks pregnant, firecrackers everywhere, baby in the belly has been moving, firecrackers will affect the baby?

when we start crazy home village have been set off firecrackers, children sleep disruptions of how broken?

low firecrackers was deafening, frighten the baby do?


today is to teach you:how to deal with the annoying firecrackers?

firecrackers affect babies have how old?

now let's look at how much fireworks ring.

domestic journalists have done the experiment, found below the"12"firecrackers as high as 100 decibel noise!even if one resident of firecrackers in the nearest closed the door test, noise and 98.7 db.

we usually put the noise intensity of fireworks tend to be above 100 decibels.and the american academy of pediatrics suggest, for newborns, no matter at any time, best don't more than 45 db environment noise.

in children, although there is no accurate data suggest, but there is a simple criterion:if the background of a sound environment, you speak in a normal volume, each other already can't hear what you say, explain the background sound has been in more than 60 decibels, is harmful to the noise!

however, parents also need not worry too much about, because of the harm of noise to the baby, not only depends on the strength of the noise, and continuous time also has a lot to, the general firecrackers baby will not cause too big effect.

but if long-term exposure to the strong noise environment, will have the following effect to the baby and fetal:

1, affect the development of the nervous system in fetuses

sound particularly sensitive around on the mother, fetus and excessive noise can be pregnant belly conduction to the uterus, fetal nervous system development, make the newborn suffers from serious easy voice phobia, prolonged treatment is needed to, no matter early metaphase pregnancy or birth mother, had better don't to gather together the fireworks firecracker.

2, affect neonatal cochlear development

the sound of firecrackers has a great impact to the newborn, may damage the newborn's hearing and nerve, cause the cochlea damage.

3, affect the baby sleep

even while you are awake, firecrackers sudden loud noises are also prone to make baby is frightened, makes the baby crying upset, sleep not steadfast, etc.especially in the new year's eve, some people may continue to set off firecrackers to stop in the morning, but in the morning and have other people begin to set off firecrackers, the baby will cry because is frequently wake.

although firecrackers is so annoying, but we can't entertain wild hope everyone not to put, can only put or not put less physically, at the same time take some preventive measures, make the baby as little as possible interference by firecrackers.

how to let the baby without firecrackers interference?

1, physical block

installed double glass, doors and windows, sound insulation, close the window, to draw the thick curtain, can have certain sound insulation, sound effect.

the parents can also give the baby's ear plug point of cotton, or for your baby to wear earmuffs and earplugs ear protection equipment to cut off the noise.but this method may let the baby felt a foreign body in the ear, is not willing to accept, if so, it is only with their own hands to cover your children's ear.

2, sleep earlier

firecrackers for baby is in a deep sleep, but if the baby is in shallow morpheus, it is easier to be, don't let the baby to be involved in what shou sui, keep the schedule unchanged at ordinary times, this can let the baby to sleep quickly, by the time the firecrackers outside to break out, the baby would have to enter deep sleep, was awakened opportunities would be less.

3, in advance to tell the stories and firecrackers in the new year baby

to understand adult words baby, during the day, parents can tell the stories and firecrackers in the new year in advance with him, let the baby know chinese new year fireworks is a very happy thing.also can bring the baby to go out for a walk, see set off firecrackers, how sound is produced.with these basic impression, evening to hear the firecrackers, baby maybe it will be less fear.

4, parents timely soothe

in order to reduce the noise influence on baby, before going to bed, the parents can give a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, play background music, lullaby.the baby fell asleep, my parents best can take turns with the baby, if the baby is frightened, can calm the baby in time, such as take hold, twitter and other ways to help the baby to sleep.

if the baby is awake, then embrace him watch fireworks can gently tell him:this is a good new year, everybody so happy with the way of celebrating together.but remember to cover his ears, or let him open the mouth, such doing can protect his eardrums.

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