talk | a bitter could not say mother - both daughters have divorced but can not pass with me

talk to people, aunt lin, 60, and his wife in the early years had died.his wife in the home what also basic means not, because he work busy, plus temper also is not very good.two twin daughters, is lin aunt brought up big, so to speak.they have to get married, have children, aunt lin feel finally can breathe easier.

however, peace before long, the aunt's two daughters but lin has divorced in a year.eldest daughter, because the two questions and had an argument with my husband's family, the youngest daughter because her husband has an affair.overnight, the aunt lin sorrow hair is all white.more won't let her to accept, two daughters all divorce reason comes down to her.preference for sons eldest daughter was born a girl, husband's family, want her to have two children., now she don't want to say that is because the aunt lin is not promised to give her the second she dare not born.little daughter's husband is aunt lin introduction, now she just blame aunt lin had left eye.

daughter divorce, the other self-knowledge indefensible, left her house and children.big daughter and husband's family had a day, so even the house also decline, can only take their children stay in the bride's little daughter complains aunt lin said her eccentric sister, also divorced, she took her sister don't take yourself.eccentric big daughter said aunt lin ming ming's sister, because my sister's children is her big, their children but she didn't tube for a day.aunt lin don't understand, his hard life, where is the"wrong".


husband early death a man brought two daughter up adult

if our son is still alive, don't know what will become what it is today.i often ask myself, if i don't have the two girls fact, he also don't tube at home at that time, open up in the morning to go out to earn money, almost didn't come back until the children are sleeping in the evening.the man and his not say daughter and father close, our house is not, the two children are very afraid of him.i was outside a burden to the family, then have to serve in-laws.people of our age, it is so.

my daughter both are twins, the boss came out a few minutes earlier than second.when i was a child will see two children is special in character, boss have idea, second is trouble with the school, the eldest brother performance better than the second, i began to worry about the second study.i later learned that, this study is the talent, so i stared at the middle child, she finally admitted to the university.the boss himself admitted to a key university.looking for a job, the second is the degree, good units into don't go, involvement of the work i don't want to let her do.idle at home for almost two years, i only ask for her to find a job as a fairly decent, earn less.girl, worry no rain or wind, stand in the line, i also seeking nothing else.eldest brother and then read the on-the-job graduate student, now is a big enterprise personnel supervisor, heart's a child.but is always moving, i said her restless also don't want to hear.

middle children married first, the boss has been out to 30 years old to get married.before i finally can rest, every day live like a"top", is really tiring.


the boss off said that because i don't support her two

i am worry about life, and the other in just a few years, things came.and come, reference it never rains but it pours, this year, this year the boss second tandem the wedding off.

said the boss, first get married late, too late to have a child.children are now 35, just kindergarten.if it weren't for me and her mother-in-law drives, don't try so hard to have children yet.i this is three generations notice o big son-in-law hit their house, so after our boss head viviparous girl, their home, i've always wanted to let her to have two children, they want to grandson.the boss told me several times, said he didn't want to.if i know what the boss temper, she determined, who could advise.when is her mother-in-law had assured her that, no need to worry about her giving birth, her mother-in-law solely responsible for, she didn't agree to the feeling.this time don't know her mother-in-law is to see her not to have two children, ou spirit with her, or how to put words out anyway said they don't see the older child, born after the second child or a nanny to look, or let the fact, her mother-in-law is two years older than the boss more anger not bore.for this thing, and the family into the explode, my son-in-law hit also towards his has rectified, the last war, the day also couldn't get down.

the results the child to divorce in my head, and said if i promised to help her children, she will be able to have two children, also not go today this step.clearly is born she don't want to, and even if i let her rest assured to have two children, she also can't listen to does the samaritans now?


said second left me to help her find objects look left eye

the second is"the danger past and god forgotten.when talking about a friend, she would snap and spot myself unable to find the right, can only rely on mutually close, and every time i didn't go to follow.two children, i admit, is i help her after.i was watching the young man was properly, will talk, work, also take home is less clear.second oneself also willing to, if she don't want to, i always can't tie her to get two children out of this thing, i heard that the woman was pregnant with his child, forced divorce every day.i don't know to scold him how many times, but also to find the that girl once, can be useful?middle child will cry, don't know how to deal with, get to the last only a divorce.results the second put blame on me at that time, the left eye, delayed her whole is my chosen with the help of, but time is you both too, right?

that boy is a little conscience, leave the house with the second.boss there is washed-up, husband's family not to have children, nor to the house.want me to say to engage in a lawsuit with them, behold, the boss agreed to this is to be out of the door, also don't know how to think of the child, and my skill?just for the boss to take their children stay at i am here, second also don't want to say also divorced, i tube no matter she her sister.the second is, you have a house, elder sister is not your house, don't let her take their children to sleep avenue?eldest brother is fed, said me to help her sister took child big, also the supervise her children now.the boss also don't consider, her younger sister have children early, at that time i was less than 50 years old, now i'm old?

aunt lin:it is i who ask who?all said her daughter is my mother's small cotton-padded jacket, i this two girl, others thought quite enjoy more.

shuyang:a there's a sad thing.

aunt lin:fortunately, the eldest children in kindergarten, or i really can't see.they nianlia son at i am here, make a date to me.but the second is not willing to.

shuyang:she is my sister, from a young age to get your attention more than elder sister to get, so spoiled.

aunt lin:who said not?second sister, like, the eldest sister didn't like, she said i don't help children every day.the old man for help is mutual affection, do not help is a duty.

shuyang:you too let her sister's temper, she is spoiled.

aunt lin:their marriage is not happy, the mood is bad, i can understand.but can't take it out on me when the culprit, it.

shuyang:what have you and they speak calmly understand, don't endure, will suppress disease.

aunt lin:i am angry angry, both of them are almost 40, it can do well in the future.

【 said out, moderate 】

all parents give, but never asked whether children really need.because in the eyes of parents, children will always be a child, they only by constantly pay, the child is true love.children don't need to actually sometimes, so parents slowly please pay it, because you don't let they don't pay or reality.or most of the time, the children need parents' help, then it will ask them a truth, no matter who, can't just take the other side, and be grateful.

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