why do my baby always want to hug?the answer to warm cry numerous mother!


"mother, hug!"this estimate is a lot of mother heard her baby said most frequently.from morning till night, the baby will hold, such as getting up to hug, go out to hug, home to hug, crying to hug, ill also want to hug...hug seems to have magical powers, affects the hearts of the mother and baby.as these babies, when and where, are desperate mother's arms.<br/>

what the baby to hold in seeking?

most of the time, baby hug, that is not for no reason, is a demand signal.mother is best to be able to read, so as to meet the baby.these are baby signals:

1, seeking security

the baby is born in the womb mother, surrounded by amniotic fluid.amniotic fluid as safety barrier, let baby feel warm and comfortable.but after birth,"barrier"disappeared, the baby become insecure.ask for a cuddle, is one of the ways in which the baby the safety.wait for baby to grow up, have enough strength to leave mom and independence.

2, desire to be loved

sometimes, hug says"i love you"more powerful.for the baby, body contact can let the baby feel the warmth of the mother.the baby from time to time to hug, is confirmed for love.so, don't mean your love, hold the baby.

3, stable mood

in the life, we often can see, after the crying baby is mother holding, immediately quiet.this is because the baby cry, in the vent emotions, for comfort.and mother's embrace, can let the baby's emotional needs are met, to calm down.when baby signal from emotional needs, mother don't ignore, should respond in a timely manner.

will hold much spoil your baby?

some much more worried about her mother, will spoil the baby, more difficult to take in the future, and also don't have the baby cry, let the baby had been.what do you want to hold the baby cry?hold many, will become a baby in the orders?

in the first place, the baby crying, for many reasons, such as hungry, thirsty, cold or hot.especially the baby is six months ago, can't talk, can express themselves through cry, there is no control and no control.about"baby cry don't hold to"the problem, sears has said that the key lies in the parents' response.if the baby is hungry, or unhappy, signal demand, parents immediately respond, this is the correct way to communicate.

second, baby baby, want to be held, is a kind of instinct demand, is not the result of spoiled.mom's hug can bring power to the baby, let the baby continue to grow.this for your baby in a strange environment, it is very important.if mother ignored, may let the baby is in alone.

in the end, baby really spoiled like clingy, independence is poor, a strong sense of self, behavior is not standard.if the baby really spoiled, why shouldn't be too much, but family education method is wrong, parents meet the baby too much.as long as the mother of a degree of control can make the baby more love in the embrace.

a cuddle, can let the baby become a better person!

in the first few years, the birth of a new baby mother respond to baby's cable demand, for baby's cognitive development better in the future.nowadays, there are many studies to prove it.so, mothers do not ignore the importance of"hug".it affects the baby, specific as follows:

1, affect brain development

the national institute of child health adviser, sally lecce mentioned,"skin touch"to the baby body, brain development and emotional development, especially has a decisive influence on the development of the brain."through contact with the mother's skin, baby feel mother's temperature, heart rate, breath, it would let the baby calm, become a sense of security, thus more focused on the development of other abilities.

2, to overcome the sense of doubt

psychologist eriksson mentioned in the safety attachment theory, 0-2 years old baby, the main task is to get the sense of trust, to overcome the sense of doubt.this stage, the baby need to completely rely on their parents, the establishment of security, to mental health, interpersonal relationship plays an important role in the future.if the baby crying, neglected for a long time, after be brought up prone to attachment disorder, characterized by lack of security, it is not easy to trust others, it is difficult to establish close relationship, happiness.

3, happier

the university of notre dame, a psychologist at the team through the study of childhood experiences more than 600 adults, those in infant and childhood often the caress, hug, care of their parents, not only won't extremely dependent on their parents after growing up, it will have a more open, more healthy psychological state, the social life of more freely, in general they live more happy.

small make up message:hug can convey emotions more than any words and actions.mother told of the psychology of the baby for a cuddle, must hold the baby, more let the baby warm, otherwise such as babies grow up, want to hug even harder.

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