how to correctly hold your baby a new mother a wrong kind of correct posture you do the right thing?

when writing this article, i thought of was the first time took the baby from the nurse in the that moment my hands are shaking, my eyes filled with tears, my heart is helpless, and don't know how to hold the little life, fear a child accidentally hurt.thinking at the time, in order to have children, learned a lot of skills, pregnancy how ignores the learning holding the baby.

ready to hold your child:

1, clean hands, holding the baby before, conditional or washing your hands first.soon the child is born, resistance and immunity is far less than adults, so it is necessary to clean hands.

2, find a comfortable position, not a newborn physical labor, but inevitably sore body a long period of time.

3, should pay attention to several parts:when mom or dad, holding the baby in the first time, must pay attention to the protection of the baby's head and neck and the march, before the baby's cervical vertebra is not supporting his own head, so control their children's head and neck.

right holding the baby of 8 kinds of postures

1, shoulder hold

this posture is the most suitable for newborns, mother let the baby and myself face to face, stick in your chest, will the baby up, the child's head on his shoulders, a hand baby through the armpit to protect their neck and head, another hand hold the baby small fart baby, the baby will have safe feeling, is very easy to fall asleep.

2, cradle

usually we will use the first position holding the baby, when the child fell asleep.we will change the appearance, the appearance is simple, comfortable, convenient for the baby to sleep.when i hold position from the first one to change into the second holding posture, protect the baby's neck arm slowly lift, support baby's head and neck with your arms and hands with arms up baby slowly moving small fart fart, another hand hold the baby's bottom.this is a mother's arms warm cradle.

3, abdomen holding

this method, the domestic rare.but the baby seemed to appreciate this kind of posture.each time i hold the baby, the baby will laugh.mother crank arm, let the baby on the arm, baby mom hand in between their legs, the other one hand on the baby back stroke, is conducive to burp the attention to holding the baby, let the baby close to your body.

4, daddy is holding

the holding posture why call it my papa?because mom arm strength is limited, this position is more suitable for dad.when the baby is full three months, the neck muscles can support the head, dad can try this position.let the baby face you, sitting in your arm, waist and arm around that children can better observe things around.start a mother can use the other baby one hand on the shoulder, protect the baby.

5, dating method

this method, suitable for mother and baby to play games.protect baby's neck and head with one hand, let the baby in the upper part of the body against the mother forearm, another hand hold the baby small fart that time mom can play baby and happy.

6, waist refining method.

neonatal was curious about everything, and the baby posture greatly satisfy the curious psychology.let the baby sitting in mother palm, upper body by mother in the chest.the other hand from the front to encircle the baby body.three months before the baby is not fit for this position.

7, nursing

this pose as the name suggests is suitable for breastfeeding, standing or sitting can arm through just below the neck and elbows nature trails on the baby's neck and head, the other arm support your baby's back at the bottom of the child.

8, knee boots

this pose for eat powdered milk's baby, mom both feet on the ground, let the baby lying on the thighs, arms fixed good baby, both hands hold the baby's neck and head.this position is suitable for feeding and communication with the baby.

about so many baby posture, mom can choose several suitable for their own.holding the baby is a liqihuo, be sure to choose a comfortable position, the 8 kinds of do you often use?

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