the baby teeth which four are the most painful symptoms?mothers must closely observe and company

words, the distance from my house today baby teeth has been for six days, and energetic every day, she smiled from ear to ear, is becoming more and more naughty.looked at her little baby teeth grow bit by bit, i'm really excited, to check several times in a day and see how much small teeth, afraid to miss this moment.i believe very much treasure treasure mom dad is this feeling~

you know, since she was 4 months drooling, i thought she wanted a tooth, has been prepared for almost five months to really come out, this time to experience the fun, a laundry list is endless.

we still listen to my nagging a few words first, hee hee~

mentioned above, the baby in the fourth month, start drooling, stream flow, also like to bite, many friends said baby teeth, i also look forward to, really want to know what it was like to kid first long teeth?~

in the past half a month, see the saliva, missing teeth;and half a month has passed, the saliva not flow, what also don't bite, learn a new skill, sitting up and standing and imitation is making a face, was busy, in fact, as if forgotten tusks.

a flash over the past three months, baby has been learning to learn, is the so-called skill is no burden more, she succeeded in getting her into a flexible funny little fat man, but, still no teeth.

until a few days ago, i found the baby mouth water again, and this drooling state and is not the same as before, before is a little big noise intentionally let saliva to take, this is inadvertently out, she is intent on doing the other things, the mouth cape will have a hint of a mouth water down, like the faucet that last loose, water flow slowly slowly slowly...

i looked funny, hurriedly to help her clean, wipe out soon, and unconsciously put wet with saliva towel.

key:during the baby teeth, mouth water is normal, it is winter, the weather gets cold, mother should pay attention to give the baby to keep warm, maintain clean sanitation.can give the baby to wear a neck circumference, or saliva towel, protect the neck, with a soft, hygroscopicity strong towel gently brush try spat, cheeks and chin, lest cause redness, chap.can be coated with a small amount of baby lotion to protect your baby's skin.

during my baby teeth, in addition to drooling state is not the same, i also found her three other changes.

a change, baby become irritable temper, to sleep, too, is not so sleep well before, not only to me to accompany her to sleep, but also from time to time hug her, comfort her, see her appearance, really very afflictive.clearly sleep sweet sweet, but before long, began to hum, wake up crying.

sometimes toss and turn, still can not sleep, just up to sit for a while, but have no strength, the whole body soft lie prone to lie prone, pour on my body, i patted her, only absently sleep for a long time, i carried her into the bed, cover yourself up.

key:baby teething process, there may be agitated, sleep instability, spat salivate, biting, sucking, wipe gums, bobbing discomfort, sometimes without crying.because the baby teeth, gums will have pain, made the baby cry.

at this point, we should be more careful, more considerate take care of the baby.more hug to coax baby, to give more comfort.

change two, my baby's sleeping and waking, also like grabbed my finger and into her small mouth, a bite, really hurt.

the key:when the baby teeth, gums can feel itchy, easily irritable crying, and becoming like bite or bite, will feel very comfortable.babies often eat his own hand, mother's nipples, so to speak, as long as saw something, take put his mouth to chew, purpose is to reduce the pressure of a tooth under the this time, we want to avoid the baby cause bleeding gums, bite hard objects available clean finger gently massage gums(on a clean gauze), will have the effect that reduce pain.

three change, when to eat, my baby like to tear to eat, like scraping with his teeth, and give her grandmother's house when i was a sweet potatoes dry grinding, is now eat aksu lizzie dried apples, always willing to do bite the apple isalso ring, then yum yum mouth, eat to me.

these are the baby, first teeth appear will appear a few obvious change, as well as the need to pay attention to matters, mothers can remember once, the baby a few days after that would be fine.

now, my baby grew two small white teeth, slowly long, there are two is hard to take.

little life returned to normal, also can eat can drink can sleep can be funny, the key is to sleep very sweet.

in addition, i want to say is that, before long, i have asked some friends, most people say the baby teeth usually accompanied by fever, but, so far, my baby hasn't the symptoms, but also time to observe.

key:baby teeth, cause low thermal, because at that time from the mother's antibodies are also gradually disappear, and baby's own immune system is not yet fully established, so the infection by the outside world and have a fever.if the baby crying not too bad, no special processing, give the baby to drink more boiled water.mothers to closely observe.

in the end, the baby teeth very hard, mothers need to be accompanied.i hope every baby grow up healthy and happy.

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