why do my baby like vertical hold?the knowledge you need to know

don't look at the new dad would want to embrace dolphin dolphin baby sometimes very lose face, but when he was a kid yourself digging holes-for the first time when dad has no experience, holding the baby don't let go, the result has not been she glued the two days, one down and cry, a horizontal arms also cry...

one day peony is looking at his shaft holding the little ye, embrace arms cannot father fell asleep together, wake up is still very wronged barak acid"arm".

why do kids love vertical hold so much?

this parents are familiar with, peony today will say those things about shaft holding the baby.

in the first place, why do kids love vertical hold so much?any tasted a vertical arms, po will be whining and vertical arms--"ah, i haven't seen all that ah, ah"in the new world.

yes, vertical arms can let the treasure to have a broader field of vision, can observe the people and the environment, more conducive to the little fellow visual development, also has the help of osmosis for mental development.

vertical can also more intimate contact with my parents, the degree of psychological pleasure than flat.

vertical hold much more for treasure have harm?

a lot of views before all say"baby within 3 months, with development affects the spine and lead to problems such as spinal forward."many people especially elders as a dogma, the sight of the baby hold the vertical seismic shock.

yes, the baby especially newborns within three months, with et one diu diu like:head, head, bone gelatin, was not developed muscles, muscle strength is weak.

that is to say, their heads can preliminary upright, but the neck and back muscles haven't power for a long time to hold the weight of the head, shaft does have some risk.

but not dangerous basically see danger position, as long as the position properly, the newborn days's treasure can also stand for a while, but will not affect their bone, also won't be any danger.

a little only, the smaller the treasure of the months, with holding time is shorter, the longest do not exceed 15 minutes.

how to solve the vertical hold this big problem?

15 minutes?!we hold n hours a day, treasure to rely on, how to do?"

to coax him sleep coax his cry, so we have to hold treasure for a long time even just hold to sleep...on the one hand, is a novice parents do not experience, a treasure is a bit of trouble with"hold"the big, long treasure can not rely on?on the other hand also fondle admiringly that justdon't willing to give up.

for whatever reason, long time holding the treasure will be against his natural law:the growth of general newborns need to sleep 20 hours a day, six months or so must sleep 16 hours a day.

so, to treasure 2 months old, all sorts of appearance together, every day not more than 2 hours, time grew to treasure development still has an effect of the spine.

"treasure would not ah..."that's a change of strategy, with the treasure but don't hold him, and then induce treasure interactive movement step by step, exercise the physiological functions of different organs, improve hand-eye coordination, promote the muscle tone, body flexibility and balance ability development, and take care to treasure the sentiment, how good.

even vertical hold, it is very important to master the posture

a interrupt almost forget to say just now hold the vertical position, 3 months, can let the treasure back toward the adults, adults hold treasure, let the baby's head and back to stick on adult's chest;can also make treasure facing adults sitting on a forearm of adult, adult's another hand hold the baby's head and neck, back, let the baby's chest clung to adults in the chest and shoulders(to make the treasure chest little head turned to one side in order to avoid suffocation).

specific to see mom and dad how comfortable, as long as you hold the baby's head and neck, not straight vertical posture.

by the way, picked up and placed the treasure, also want to have been in head and neck.

when treasure 4 months or so, little head more and hale, head in slowly don't need.if more than 4 months, treasure is not vertical head, to go to a hospital be being checked in time.

more fascinating parenting content, pay attention to a pediatrician fish left, thank you!

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