the baby to sleep not safe?pediatricians to teach you a few action let eva a sleep through the night

there are mother said, when at home to work overtime at night, watching the eva a deep sleep very envy"really want to sleep with him a dark ah".

for kids, at present the most important things in life, not to eat, is to sleep.

"but how long to sleep every day?"

"eva night our home or want to eat milk, how to do?"

look, a mother, there are so many problems, and sure enough, sleep problems when all is one of the parents care about most topics, from small carry some of the most important and parents say.

different age paragraph the baby's sleeping time

small dolphin dolphin, for example to detail:

the first month of dolphin dolphin newborn, almost sleep 16 hours a day;

to 3 months, reduce to about 15 hours a day;

3-6 months continue to reduce about 14.5 hours a day;

9 months almost sleep 14 hours a day;

12 months to sleep 13.5 hours;

1-2 years general about 13 hours;

parents rough comparison, as long as all baby normal growth, spirit is very good also, quite a few hours all right, relax.

adhere to let the baby to bed early

to bed early is a good sleep habits, it is also very important for the baby.

holdings is not written before the baby genes determine the height of around 70%, about 30% the day after tomorrow?sleep is the most important is in 30%.

as growth hormone directly affect height, it is like night and dazed, at 9 pm, scampering around 10 o 'clock secretion will reach a peak, about 5 to 7 times during the day.

this gap gee, but there are large gaps between a premise:must be after the baby is in deep sleep.

given coax sleeping and shallow sleep needs time, peony preferably let the baby go to bed at half past eight in the evening, at the latest don't more than 9 pm the latest.

not sleep too late will be less growth hormone secretion, the baby will be relatively backward in height, that not cost-effective.

so late from work very late or busy parents, want to baby and intimacy, had better not take his sleep time, morning also have a chance.

6 months began to quit night milk

the boys' body clocks will be formed in the six months or so, so this time must set out to develop the baby good sleep habits, this not just"save"frequently and mom can't sleep, wake up breastfeeding to treasure can also benefit for life.

one of the most important, is 6 months after the treasure to start eating side dish, parents can consider to quit the night milk, anyway when treasure of also do not need all the milk to support growth, milk or baby rely on a night, it is difficult to form their sleep patterns.

my parents can observe a month first, the circumstance such as basically stable, is projected to decrease 1 night milk started, then slowly lose 2, 3,...make a little adapt to eat less at night this reality.

in the end, it was that, in the baby to bed let him eat like milk or side dish, does not make""belly that there was grain in the evening, eat just remember to brush your teeth.

of course, this process can not be so smoothly, peony's bedtime process one day all dare not to relax, change diapers, telling stories, massage, calm...first few days also lie down, with dolphin dolphin hand was kid like to eat at night, anyway have to wash white white, eating eating sleeping in the past.

is going badly for small compromises, as didn't see not to hear the new dad come to coax her, and then during the day to appease or rewards little one...

wish every baby sleep sweet, long tall!

more fascinating parenting content, pay attention to a pediatrician fish left, thank you!

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