pregnant mother dog dragging a little milk there is no shelter dog met good eldest brother see froze to the side of the road

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a few days ago met outside a pregnant mother, it was on the side of the road limped walking, cry very miserably, mother behind near to find a dog, the dog bared its body a little milk, but it looks like the little dog tired, mother helpless, i just want to close, it ran to the corner of the scare, the small milk dog down the body off the ground.

look, so he is tired, so cold outside, if mother can't find the place again, it gives birth to the dog'm afraid i have little milk, looking for friends and neighbors came to help, we took mother to my backyard, mother has struggled at the time, but see my nest, mother calmed down instead, start puppies born in its den.

find several pieces of broken clothes to keep warm, dog mom watched it show the bore down the nest little milk dog, the dog mother body is empty, because the temporary place was set up to his mother feels a bit cold, want to change a place for it, but mother always wary, only to touch it, don't let me touch the little dog.don't have to let it rest here, got it a big dinners.

eat satisfied hereafter, mother spirit a lot better, die in that little dog, the dog mother a nest there are seven puppies, really great, every time i see little in the dog mother body appearance, always feel there is love, there are so many dogs, affirmation is not allowed to have in the home, but to discuss, mother and one of the dogs will stay in our house, is doing a good deed.

attention wechat male, a stray dog shelter, let every lexy have a warm home

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