cure the baby eczema to do this right

when it comes to eczema, mothers are always anxious.

the baby after adding a side dish, had eczema, do?

baby eczema repeatedly, see the baby scratch, wish all tuguang medicine.

can hormone use, to the baby body harm?

eczema, really so difficult to cure?

in the patients of my contact, i found that most of the parents are in the wrong way in the treatment of eczema.

one of the most impressive is a parent because don't know how to treat correctly, only know taboos, finally the child whole body skin is rotting away.

in fact, it's not difficult to cure eczema.this 4 points to do:

learn to discern between the baby eczema degree

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eczema, have what kind of degree?

eczema points light, medium, heavy three levels.

parents must first learn to identify their baby's eczema is what kind of degree, the degree of different treatments varies considerably.

mild eczema, do a good job in basic daily care can heal itself;more than moderate eczema, besides daily care, to go to a hospital checking, and use of glucocorticoid treatment.

learn to care and protect wet

no matter the baby is mild, moderate or severe eczema, care and moisture are the most key part of the cure eczema.

eczema is afraid, afraid of heat and dry.

pay particular attention to these three points in nursing care, give the baby a smoke-free family environment, guarantee the humidity, and do not let the baby sweating.

choose the right moisturizer or skin cream, daub yu baobao eczema in a day.

the correct use of hormone drugs

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hormone can use?can be used.

hormone will depend on?if used correctly, not rely on.

hormone can not only, and it is also, in the drug of choice for severe eczema.

some parents, to see the baby with the hormone, white spots appeared on the skin, will think is hormone the skin is burnt out.

but, in fact, this is not caused by hormones, is the issue of skin inflammation.

reject"eczema specific"

don't believe the so-called"eczema specific", such as a folk prescription medicine called"scattered"loess, it is the main component of the earthworm excrement.

not only fail to heal, also easy to cause infection, let the baby eczema is more and more serious.

in the midst of my patients, there was a baby, with the folk prescription, the back of all infected skin, like was on fire, almost people didn't, though after rescue come over, but never back scar can not go off.

science to deal with, let the baby away from eczema

in order to help the baby away from eczema at an early date, clove mother and i made the baby care and treatment of eczema.

this course, is the small classroom series clove mother for the first time.more focus on!more time!as long as 30 minutes, it can solve your problem.let you spend less time, the most effective way to learn.

in clinic, the doctor too late and you say health care knowledge and preparation method, here i tell you one by one in detail.

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quickly understand the baby's eczema causes, quick to grasp the method of hormonal drugs, baby eczema and will not be afraid.

course comprehensive, system, covering all the knowledge about eczema;courses in field strong sex, is easily to do.

to do by the way, is effective!

7 eczema medicine nursing card

with this card, can easily care at home.

every important knowledge will have a corresponding small card, convenient collection, anytime, anywhere viewing.

is very convenient, very useful!

to answer section 2 course

do you have any questions, don't worry, we have answer.

remember to write down your questions in the comments section, i will choose a few questions, to answer for you, and into the manuscripts, facilitate everybody to see.

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