every day the baby in your hands but missed the golden age of cultivate their comprehensive development

let's go to the good friend's baby birthday parties, joined in with a little rice cakes.

one episode, we met the other a pair of very close friends, also with 6 months baby come.the couple are highly educated young promising high iq, a good family.but a see, my friend began to sadly to ask:"now really see a hello don't go in, but how to do?"

i'm not in a hurry to answer, but interaction with children, and found the problem immediately.six months of children, in the case of a mother holding, his head wobbled, whole body can't very well.for my teasing, not much response.this way, certainly can't sat on a chair to eat, hello, of course, don't go in.

question carefully, and sure enough, because it is the"daughter baby"in the home, a large family has always been a pain in my heart, every day in hand.grandpa's grandmother and aunt home to take care of at ordinary times, three people you tired me, never let a child was lying on the ground, bed, looked up to practice.the back muscles of a child neck muscles don't get a good exercise, nature is unable to sit well.

in fact, i was really shocked, the couple is our university alumni.domestic top colleges and universities graduates of graduation, family circumstances also very lucrative.incredibly don't understand these from our point of view parents must know knowledge!do three people with children in the home, usually bring children is a serious backward movement development ability, it's really unexpected.

we have done such a long time of popular science, there are so many people don't know how to train the ability of children in the first year is the most important of these, missed the all-round development of children is the most important gold period.

why the first year of this ability so important?in the first year is not drink milk, eat consisting with the other children his long good?

said solemnly, really not so easy as you think.the first year, the most important thing is to pay attention to sports development and fine motor development.big sport development, is refers to the payable to turn we climb stops walking problem, this is the beginning of the children can really control his body.get up to eat side dish, side dish to eat good, nutrition can keep up with.once the backward, the child's body nutrition can't keep up with, the future of the physical body will be affected.from sitting to climb, to explore has been able to move your body to see but scratching their tables and chairs, benches, windows, how big the cognitive leap.

big movement and the development of fine hand movements, and strong hand fine motor development and the development of the brain.

when a child can sit up, he wouldn't have to support the body with the hand, to have the opportunity to touch what he saw, and then form a comprehensive cognition of things in the brain.and when he began to sit up and eat side dish, start trying to catch food by hand, just know to grasp things turned out to be such, that is the taste.

when he began to climb, the scope of activity is bigger, to explore more stuff in the room, you can understand the logic of things.

in the end, when he was finally able to walk on, in his heart from now on, there is no boundary in the world.he can go to explore, to touch, to feel with the hand, the brain receives information really super rich, and rapid development.

it's like a connected net, be filled in, every one can let the child development in an all-round way.are closely linked, interlocking, forming a virtuous cycle.

it all, children need parents to understand the law of development, and to guide, children can obtain the correct parenting and development.otherwise, it is really easy to lag, affect the overall development.

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