newborn babies often do the sport grew up has a good figure and concentrate more than others


prone on the infant movement, from the birth can begin to do!

(illustrated:let the baby fall in love with prone to lie prone ten tips)

baby soft body, hold in your hand are all afraid of when i say baby from birth to movement, most of the mother was don't when it comes to sports, an idea came to play swimming, talk to mother infant movement, a baby from birth can start to do the exercise-"prone to lie prone.

the benefits of the campaign for the baby can be too much, prone to lie prone on the importance of a look at the two visiting mom:

yang yang mother consultation:five months of small yang yang, limbs flexible, cheerful and lively.but every time yang yang prone to lie prone, would like a small plane, two little arms straight back, sticking up a pair of feet.yang yang mother felt very fun at first, but then problems:yang yang hands often stuck up, calf strain very stiff.prone to lie prone hands can't hold in your chest, when the whole body is too tired to soft down soon.

there is also the second mother:miss wang, my child is nearly 10 months can't climb.both adults how to guide the motionless, baby if this is what's the problem...

these two do the measurement of the growth and development of the baby, baby in different ages, mother consulting problem is different also, but after evaluation found that one key factor is the same.

this is why?this is related to the movement to recommend today baby with me:

you let your baby lie prone?on too little!

in infants and young children period, babies less prone to lie prone time, prone to lie prone posture, these are big points minutes after may affect the sport development, body posture, concentration, etc.then look to see if we this group of adults with thoracic kyphosis, chanting parents of kyphosis in those years, those years to correct posture of"back to back" fact, the beautiful body are related to infant too.

about the secret of infant development, i will never tell you don't finish:

desktop cluttered and disorganized, probably because lost reflection has not been well suppressed, and traced back to the infant may be prone to lie prone to enough;

how also learn can't swim and sit-ups, not what you don't have movement cells, but traces the infancy error prone to lie prone posture, you and your baba mommy didn't give you the correct in time"small plane"lie prone posture.

baby cats on good, does not contain the thoracic kyphosis.

wang ronghui warm reminder:

baby gold prone to lie prone period is 0 to 6 months!

6 months later also want to try to create chance to let the baby prone to lie prone!

then i tell mum about leaning on exactly what are the benefits for the baby?

1.spit milk situation(note prone to lie prone to eat after 20 minutes oh);

2.promote the development of the sense of touch; establish a close maternal and child relationship in exercise;

4.exercise neck and back muscles, the baby looked up from the barrier-free;

5.promote the cervical spine and development, shape baby perfect shape and posture;

6.prone to lie prone in the appropriate abdominal pressure can promote development of the internal organs.

7.the baby no longer lie prone to"small plane", inhibition of primitive reflex;

8.exercise can relax your body and let baby full of vigor, it will also promote the baby sleep well!

wang ronghui warm reminder:

although is prone to lie prone on the baby is very good exercise, but mom can ensure that your baby is on the right!

the correct prone to lie prone position is this:

1.babies are prone to lie prone, baby's head and chest and need hand on the chest support;

2.babies are prone to lie prone, help the baby to carry small palm open, try to relax the body.

3.babies are prone to lie prone, feet don't cock,"aircraft"were not favorable to the development of the baby to crawl, walk;

4.3 months baby, prone to lie prone legs and thighs not curled up into a right angle;

5.3 months baby upper limbs have enough to hold up the entire upper body strength;

new baby, for everyone to show a"best prone to lie prone position"!

if the baby doesn't like to lay prone, or baby haven't learned to prone to lie prone?at this time, the mother will be sent to~ today i teach mom ten let baby love prone to lie prone coup!

1, let the baby on her chest

every baby wants to have a"close skin"interaction, with my mother like to see my mother's face, like to listen to mom singing, like to listen to mother heart, mothers can let the baby on her chest, train baby's lift head.

2.let the baby on the leg

mother legs slightly high, before and after the baby's hand can be put down.amuse baby, interaction with the baby, encourage the baby looked up.(this position should pay attention to protect the baby's mothers do, father or other family members can in the escort oh)

3, let the baby on candy pillow/bath towel

when the baby can't ease up, mother can put candy pillow in the baby armpit, so baby when tired bow can in candy pillow to rest for a while, mother take some toys to amuse the baby looked up again.(candy pillow to avoid too much, too high, also can take bath towel, fold into three or four layers)

4, look in the mirror"game"

when the baby lying down, you can play with the baby to look into the mirror"game", baby because curiosity will unconsciously prone to lie prone on the love.

5, on/yoga ball on

according to the size of the baby's body shape and select appropriate goals, lie prone on the ball to hold the baby's armpit, and can make a slight shake.must protect good baby, avoid falling accident, etc.

6, drive the baby lay together

the baby likes to imitate, so parents can lay along with the baby.the line of sight is flush with the baby, together with the baby enjoy prone to lie prone.

7, lie prone to play

to buy baby so many toys in the home, can lie prone to play!singing doll, run car, will move the little duck...can play in the guide baby lying down.

8, scrolling small toys

put some movement of the toy in front of the baby, let the baby up.can exercise the baby looked up, but also can develop baby's visual tracking.

9, plane

many babies don't like to lie prone because vision to see the range of small, leading to baby worry and anxiety.hold the mother can use the plane position, meet the demand of baby's visual stimulation and curiosity.

10,"magic props"crawl drum

crawling drum is a"magic props, can let the baby lay while climbing, suit to crawl into the learning phase of the baby.the baby started on time may be very short, but in general to 3 months baby can lay more than 10 minutes.parents will pay attention to the safety of the baby in the side, to avoid the baby slipped fall.

prone to lie prone can not only promote the development of the baby's arms, chest, back muscles, prone to lie prone process of also is very beneficial to the growth of baby cervical vertebra, all this can cause spinal growth form upright prone to lie prone can also help relax the body, sleep better, can also help the baby to establish close relationship with parents, so as to let the baby get enough sense of security.

the mother know?don't miss the baby prone on the critical period!

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