children fell three different attitude to cultivate three baby

the baby fell down, and give or not?believe that mothers can debate on this subject for a long time, some parents believe that their help is not to let the baby more strong, some mothers think that don't help can let the baby very hurt.exactly which side is right, even experts debate for a long let's discuss the baby fell down, science should help?

parents bad attitude of three

in the baby toddler stage, preschool, walking instability wrestling is often the case.this period is often the baby just started cognitive world, the formation of such a sensitive period, parents for the baby plays a profound influence on the formation of character.when baby wrestling parents different reaction determines the baby's parents, children face wrestling always worry.but wrestling is a necessary experience of course, kids grow up only by wrestling baby to exercise their own balance, coordination, learn to assess the environmental risk, the fear of pain, produce.

parents influence children bad character of three kinds of attitude

each family has its own corresponding parenting idea, for kids wrestling it, different parents will make a different reaction.the first kind of parents is panic, this kind of parents leave their children when children fall down in a great hurry up, ask where is injured.this kind of attitude is not desirable, young children less cognitive of the external world, children will react according to fall hurt.the baby fell down, pain is yourself up, slam the pain will cry.

face type of parents and children will be alarmed by the parents eager response, wrestling is a terrible thing, from now on every time wrestling pain children also will cry because of fear.this kind of parents in tension performance will lead to children when their fall in wrestling fear, so as to affect a child learning to walk, did not dare to do dangerous behavior.children's character also can become a nervous hesitation, dare not take the initiative to explore in the face of new things.

the second category of parents is the traditional chinese education, the older when the child fell, will shift the responsibility to items.such as kids wrestling pain straight cry because stool tripping, parents to comfort the boy was playing stool, blame stool:why do you want to get my baby fell down.this kind of difference and profound the influence of parents for children, young children in cognitive ideas, hear the words for a long time, not aware of their responsibilities.over time, the child will become a selfish, those who know less than their deficiencies.such children will be out-of-control after grow up, to recognize their mistakes and making mistakes.

the third kind is tough type of parents, parents usually dad education child obvious mistakes.when a child falls down such parents won't go to ask, or helped children up.but requiring children to stand up, to foster children strong character.this kind of parents in children showed a tough when i fell down, don't even allow others to help children.

this kind of parents was supposed to cultivate their strong character, but often backfire.this kind of parents to guide the children tend to be cold, because children can not get support at a difficult time, and parents lack of sense of security and belonging to the outside world.this kind of children tend to become weak clingy, sweetly, which attract the parents to treat, the tougher the children will become strong, but at the same time also become indifferent, after grow up don't take the initiative to help others, also don't accept help, often get great setback.

children fell to the right way to deal with the

in the face of a child wrestling, fear is a normal response to each of the parents.but mom and dad as adults, need to guide their children establish the correct values, form a good personality.good character have help for children life, but bad character will let the children in the process of growing preschool, form a child's character has a vital relationship with their parents.

the baby down how to deal with the

when my mother saw her child falls, anxiety is a normal response to people, but my mother want to control your fall after one or two seconds is the reaction period, mothers can regulate mood in this one or two needs with light tone ask children as far as possible, let children realize that wrestling is a normal phenomenon of life.ask:"does it hurt?we can continue to play?.this sentence can let mom know whether the baby is injured, also can cultivate baby's autonomy.before the baby ask mom for help, mother does not need to take the initiative to go to help a child.

if the baby wrestling feel pain, lost his temper, crying, mom should control good mood, don't scold the child.his mother to tell children:"mother, mother know you hurt!"understand your baby's mood, bear baby's mood is very important.when children are calm down, mom can analysis in the form of a joke baby falls.such as a child because stools tripping, mother can pretend to trip over the mic stool falls, also tell children walk carefully in the form of exaggeration and interesting, tripping bench will fall this lesson.

fall is inevitable accidents in children grow up, mom and dad to guide the baby to face setbacks, not laying the blame on to other things.research shows that a child wrestling, mom and dad the right way can help to cultivate children to promote baby movement, emotional management, risk assessment and ability development, can also help the baby to develop brave and independent personality.

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