child was sentenced to five year marked three thousand for small meat too little emperor ordered raised to kill again

the year is one of the most brutal in ancient china, the earliest can be traced back to the five dynasties period, determine the legalist in the liao, yuan ming later period were identified as legal punishment.ancient was sentenced for the year is a heinous crime, are easy to be found in most is inverse plot, the in ancient times is the absolute death, sometimes, the son of the emperor for his rebellion to kill.

the year is quite strict requirement, especially in the process of execution, is a set of strict specifications, for different prisoners in the execution process is also different, according to the criminal crimes dao from eight to three thousand three hundred and fifty-seven, and the victim must be the last knife to die, this is have high requirements for a hangman, after all, is constantly cutting flesh, but also let people keep the life is really very familiar with the human body structure, it's a pity that the ancient chinese are not allowed to human anatomy experiment.ancient was sentenced in person many, but was sentenced to the year three thousand knives, and the age of five, should be only one in history.

this baby is a man of the taiping heavenly kingdom 2-1 win shi dingzhong, the son of ground in mountain ground in surveyed 16, 19 years old, is at the head of the u.s.troops in twenty letters worship the king, he is also one of the legends of the taiping heavenly kingdom, his life is also been praise for the later generations.the final result of a failure of the taiping heavenly kingdom, ground in die game at the age of 32.ground in after being caught, is the year the qing court gave him put to death, the hard-man in custody on my way to the execution ground, has been maintained, the air light no spark cower.

after the demise of the taiping heavenly kingdom, the qing court to the top of the kingdom to the liquidation, because no matter what the reason is that, in the perspective of the qing court, all of them are inverse plot, in order to alert so there are people who want to rebel, the qing dynasty to the resolute, the year is out.ground in a hero, but in the eyes of the qing dynasty is the traitors and villains, so just get rid of the ground in is not enough, to cut the grass to grubbing this is certain.ground in the family, is been affected, immediate family members, especially the son have to die, then ground in shi dingzhong with son into surrender, the qing was the qing son so he is in a detention.father ground in inverse plot, was found in execution, the son is the same to the ground in actually started with a son to surrender, is responsible for the interrogation to ground in his luobingzhang said:"since you took the son to surrender, you are very clever, you rest assured i will never be lifted up against him."

unfortunately, even luobingzhang willing to leave the hero, but the qing court is certainly not allowed, finally shi dingzhong is convicted in execution, sin with his father.but the big chongjin, under the age of ten years from the death penalty, to his imprisonment for ten years before the execution.but there is shi dingzhong due to ground in their special identity, whether you need for the five years old child execution or reported to the emperor, the emperor think they must die, finally still think the child is too small, if really as a punishment of dao in three thousand three hundred and fifty-seven, is certainly cook not the past, will he held until ten years old in the execution, but later shi dingzhong was smothered with lime.ground in a child shi dingji unaccounted for, but he is also a child in the world, named hu yong live, has been passed down through many generations, now number more than one hundred people.

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